10 Wonder Hill Stations of India

India is the land of religion, hill station, beaches and many more attractions. When the talk is about India’s beauty, then there are unbelievable attractions that are worth watching. Hey, I feel there are very few people who are not Nature Lovers. What is your opinion about this concept? If you love nature and adventure. Then you must make an effort to visit these 10 amusing places for at least once in your lifetime. Let’s start our tour of the 10 wonder hill stations of India:


This is a hill station that is located at only distance of 496 km from Delhi. There pine trees all around. There is greenery all around. Just imagine, you are there for a holiday with your dear ones. Away from stress and worries. You can sense freshness all around you. This is a place away from pollution and dust. The specialty of this place is:

  • A hub of scarce species.
  • Awesome water falls.
  • Nature’s charm like hills and valleys.
  • No road’s only green paths.
  • An impeccable holiday spot.

Tirthan Valley of Kullu District: 

This is considered as one of the 10 wonder destination of the India. Here, you will not find many hotels, but there are cottages that will give you an adverse feeling. Imagine sitting in the surroundings of rivers, music and fire to prevent you from the rough climate. Here, the temperature is down the freezing point in the winter season that is from (October-January). If you love fishing, then this is a right place all fish hunters. Rafting is the water event that you can enjoy in Tirthan Valley. Overnight camping and river crossing are another two event that you can take pleasure of. Kullu is the nearest big station to reach Tirthan located at only distance of 50 km.



One of the beautiful hill stations popular for a season visit is Churwadhar. April to October is the best period to reach Churwadhar. Another big hill station of India that is famous for world voyagers is Shimla that is just 90 km away from Churwadhar. Stay in this calm place and release all your mental pressure. The view of valleys and hills from the top is enough to make the moment memorable. Guest houses are available for accommodation. A Personal vehicle is a better option for visiting the valleys as there are countless natural beauty spots that you can miss if you go through local transport.



Tawang is one of the 10 wonder places turned as demanding destination located in Arunachal Pradesh State, India. The state is having many tourism places, but to protect them the local administration is not allowing voyagers to reach many towns. Tawang is one place that is famous because of several reasons. Experts suggest this place as hidden gem of India. A key attraction of Tawang:

  • Monastery of Tawang is the world famous. The structure of this monastery is more than 400 years old. It is listed as one of the biggest Buddhist centers around the world.
  • Splendid valley near the town: The lakes and valleys of Tawang are another reason that voyagers are attracting towards this place. We can say the town is not known to many people, and that’s why its beauty is still remained the same as it was in the ancient period.
  • Shonga-Tser Lake: Created by nature after a big earthquake is the next place to visit in Tawang.



Peaceful snow-covered peak of Gangtok region is enough to take your breath away. Pelling is North-East hill station having charming beauty. The one of the 10 wonder tallest peaks of India and 2nd highest peak of world “Kanchenjunga” is visible to Pelling mounts. Trekking is the finest event of the place, though you have to start from Yuksom to have a close view of Kanchenjunga views. The town is holding several best spots like Pemayangtse Monastery, Kaluk, Dubdi Monastery, Rock Garden, Khecheopalri lake, KNP, Singshore Bridge and some more.


RoopKund Lake: 

One of the most exciting places of India is a skeleton pond also known as Roopkund Lake. It is the mysterious pond and reaching there is really difficult. This cool place is all times covered with snow, and that is the reason you can still watch the skeletons of people tried to reach there. The place is having religious values of Indians as they believe Lord Shiva lives here. According to sources, approximately 600 skeletons are present on the lake. The average temperature of this place is below 0 degrees so surviving at such a cool place is difficult. You will get difficulty to reach Roopkund Lake, though there are travel agencies and trekking, companies that are taking the voyagers to Roopkund. If you have been breathing problem, then its better not to go such a hill station. The route to the skeleton pond is tough and going to a group is preferred instead of alone visits.



Uttarakhand state of India is full of the best hill stations. Our next destination is a town of Uttarakhand known as Kausani. This is a small hill town having limited attractions. The father of the nation Mr. Mahatma Gandhi named this place as Switzerland of India. Images express more than words so view the best pictures of Kausani to learn why this town is so special. Key spots of this wonder destination area:

  • Baijnath Temple: Shrine of Lord Shiva, located at 20 km distance from Kausani is one attraction point. From here you can enjoy 1 km straight trek towards Rudradhari (another hill station).
  • Gandhi Ashram (also known as Anashakti Ashram): Bapu spent his memorable time at Kausani and wrote, “Anashakti Yog” book. Ashram is located on the peak of Kausani hills.
  • Rudradhari Waterfall: This natural attraction is having some amazing caves as well. The place is having linked in mythological stories, so we can say Kausani is the religious town.
  • Lakshmi Ashram: Furthermore, known as Sarla Ashram founded by Catherine Hillman a disciple of Bapu Mahatma Gandhi.



A station of hills also known as Little Greece is our next destination. Malana is a unique, and fewer popular tourist place famous for valley and natural scenery. Approximately 100 houses are there in Malana hills. Their major source of income is farming, and Malana cream is extremely planted throughout the area. However, this cream is nothing but a kind of drug known as Charas. People of Malana are not following the constitution of India. Malana is always a place of discussion as the local people think the town as an independent city. Their reaction towards Indians is not good, but they are not harming the voyagers. This could be a best trip of your life if you visit the Malana town. The reason behind such a feeling is they believe they are ancestors of the great Emperor Alexander.

  • Green Valley: Don’t forget to attain to Green Valley of Malana. It is the memorable spot, and the couple will enjoy more at this destination.
  • Jamula temple: After enjoying the Green Valley you can take the blessings of Jamul Rishi by visiting Jamula temple.



Another destination listed in 10 Wonders of India. Trekking paradise, Sandakphu is a place having colorful scenery everywhere. Winter is a dangerous season of the place as the whole area gets covered in thick snow. The town is located at good altitude of 3636 meters from the sea level. It is established in Darjeeling region, which means travelers are getting one of the top places to visit on their vacations. You will be surprised when you come to know that Sandakphu is a home of poisonous plants. The peak of this hill station is having an aconite plant that is listed in most dangerous plants around the world. Singalila range is best trekking location within the town.


Zanskar Valley: 

A place that is full of adventure, danger spots and most freezing climates are Zanskar Valley. This nature made spot is listed in 10 Wonder of India. It will definitely attract the voyagers to Zanskar. This valley town is located close to the Kargil border of Kashmir State. Abroad voyagers love Zanskar because there are countless dangerous trekking points that give the thrill of his or her life. Attaining spots of the town are:

  • Padum: Green town of Zanskar region having attractive valley and dense forest.
  • River and Valley: Cool water of river with high pressure and deep green valleys is prime attractions of Zanskar town.
  • Drang-Drung Glacier: The beautiful glacier is closer to Suru Valley and Panzila watershed is the key attraction of this glacier.


Whichever hill station you go in India you will see the tea and coffee plantation in such areas. Most of the hill areas are earning revenues through tea or coffee business. You can easily visit the farms of such a plantation.

Indian destinations are appreciated by the abroad tourist. Not only hill stations, there are many other places to visit in India like religious spots, jungle and land areas that are special in their own category.