Ajanta Ellora – Amazing Destination In Maharashtra

Ajanta Ellora Caves of India: the big caves situated in Maharashtra are renowned throughout the world. These caves are located at good distance of 100 kms from Aurangabad the city of Maharashtra. The story of Ajanta Caves is very interesting as they were exposed by the British Captain Mr. John Smith accidentally in 1819. John was hunting for the voyage and accidentally he got the big caves in such location. For reaching Aurangabad tourist can utilize the flights and direct trains from various cities of India. Numerous private travel agencies are offering taxies and buses as well to reach this tourist place of India. Manmad is the closest railway station situated at just 55 km north of the city Jalgaon of Maharashtra.

Spots to watch in Ajanta and Ellora:


The caves on these spots are finest accomplishments by Buddhist priests. These caves were developed in 3rd century and today they are measured as the premium masterwork of Buddhist architecture and art. These caves are sharply made after cutting the volcanic lava of Deccan. There beautiful blossoming surroundings are amazing and the foliage just about the area is special. Such chronologically manmade caverns encompass the beautiful wall and ceilings paintings that portray the existence of Shri Buddha. The wall paintings illustrate events of the living days of Buddha.

The appealing structural design of Ajanta:

These caves are devoted exclusively to Buddhism. Ajanta caves containing incomplete are thirty in which 5 caves are dedicated to Chaitya-Grihas and other are devoted to Sangharamas. However, Cave 26 is the superb then other caves as it has few elaborated sculptures. Caves of Ajanta are world-famous for their wall and mural paintings. Caves interiors are improved by the various types of paintings presented on the ceiling which contain arithmetical patterns, ornamental motifs and floral, birds, animals and plants.


Another caves of Ellora are special and they 34 in counting. The premium variety of holy cave is astonishing example of architecture of 3rd century. The cave structure reproduces 3 reliance of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. The duration of these caves are during the 350 AD and 700 AD. Ellora caves contain 12 as Buddhist and 17 of Hinduism with 5 of Jain religion.

The appealing structural design of Ellora:

34 caves in Ellora with complicated interiors and decorative facades. Tourist must visit 17 Hindu Caves of Ellora as they are full of symbolize carvings of Gods of Hindu- Parvati, Siva, Durga, Vishnu and Animals. Present 5 Jain caves contain statistics of saints of Jain’s. The magnificent Kailash Temple is amazing with single rock with three storeys height. Here tourist can visit grand statue of Ravana trying to raise hills of Kailasa.


Weather of Ajanta Ellora:

According to experts finest time to reach this place is during the monsoons. The gushing waterfalls are amazing in monsoons. Winter months are comfortable too so visitors reach the spot between October to March.


How to reach Ajanta Ellora?

By Air: nearby airport is Aurangabad which is directly connected with big cities such as New Delhi and Mumbai.

By Rail: the big two express trains are running between Mumbai to Aurangabad on daily basis.

By Road: if we go through road then reaching Ajanta is possible through road such as Bombay is just 392 km away, Ellora is 30 kms away, Nanded is 272 kms away, Nasik is 221 kms away, Pune is 229 kms away and Shirdi is just 136 km.