Baharampur – Historical City of West Bengal

Baharampur a calm city of West Bengal situated in a central part. It is the city also known as Brahmapur because majority of families here are Brahmin. Baharampur is 200 km away from Kolkata famous for historical battles. This Indian tourist place is popular and favorite destination for history lovers.

This city was fortified by East India Company in 1757 after big battle of Plassey. City was continued as a cantonment until 1870, though establishment information for the city is still not available. One of the oldest cities of India is Karnasubarna that is near to Berhampur. Few of the historical buildings of 1600s AD can be seen here.

As city is having historical background you will find countless places related to different battles. Covering complete story in this short note will bore you. We are adding important places and the valuable information about the spot so that you will learn why the place is best for your holidays.

Attraction in Baharampur:

We are listing only important destinations for you so that you will not miss any of the major spot in the town.


Nizamat Imam Bara

One of the biggest historical Imambaras of India is first place to visit. As its name suggest Nizamat it was constructed by famous Nawab of Bengal Nazim Mansoor. This complete name was Nazim Mansoor Ali Khan Feradun Jah. Structural design of this is Imam bara is amazing and because of its beauty it is placed on first place to visit in the city.

Katra Masjid

Next important spot for visitors in Baharampur is Katra Masjid the most wonderful place of city built by Nawab Murshid Khan. High minarets are key attraction of this Masjid and the best part is place is till calm and full of charm.

Kathgola Palace

Baharampur is the historical place so palaces are also definitely key attraction of the city. Kathgola palace is one of them with 4 floors located at Kathgola Gardens. Beautiful small pond and the Baoli inside palace are amazing and different experience for travelers. This palace well-known for valuable paintings, expensive furniture and mirrors crafts.

Char Bangla Temple

A unique temple known as Char Bangla is next place for you. This temple was constructed by Queen Bhavani of Natore in 1755. It is the remarkable tourism attraction of Baharampur.

Hazarduari Palace

Next palace known as Hazarduari is famous spot located at just 10 Km from Berhampur. In early ages this palace was known as Bara Kothi situated in the campus of Fort Nizamat. It was constructed under the ruling period of Nawab Nazim Humayun in the 19th century.

Few other attractive spots of city are Hazaduari Palace Museum, Motijheel park, Kiriteshwari temple, Tripoli gate, house of Jagath Seth, Nasipur palace, Jafarganj Cemetery, Mothijheel mosque, yellow mosque and old Cossimbazar. Baharampur is suggested as best Indian tourist place by the experts.

How to reach Baharampur?

By Air: Closest International Airport is Kolkata located at 190 Km distance. This Airport is properly connected with major international cities like Frankfurt, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore, Yangon, Dubai and some more. Domestic flights are frequently available from almost all major cities such as Chennai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

By Bus: Bengal roadways are limited with service, though you will find some private taxis and buses from various closer cities of Baharampur.

By Train: Berhampur Railway Station is quite big and properly linked to many cities of India. Trains are available from New Delhi, Mysore, Bangalore, Lucknow, Suri, Siliguri, Asansol, Patna, Dhubri and Gaya.