Belgaum – Town of Karnataka

Belgaum is the 3rd biggest town of Karnataka boarded with Maharashtra and Goa. It is our destination for the day located at mid-way on Mumbai – Bangalore route. It is also the access point for Dandeli at 75 km distance. Offbeat Hill station Amboli is also 60 km far from Belgaum. Chorla Ghats are just 80 km far that means you can enjoy multiple places once you reach prime destination.

Belgaum is known as commercial hub of Karnataka to the world. It is the important destination for fish, vegetable trading, wood & mining trades. Here weather is pleasant throughout year so you can reach the spot anytime. There are few other names of the town such as Belgavi, Belgavi and Venugrama. Locale people identify this place as bamboo village.


Attraction in Belgaum

There are around 20 spots for you in Belgaum, though few are very important and should not miss if you have planned your trip to this wonder Indian tourist place.

Gokak Falls

The first place to visit in town is Gokak falls at 6 km distance. The high flow river Ghataprabha is another beautiful spot here. Here you can also enjoy the cable suspension bridge just near the falls. Rainy season is best period to reach here though you can enjoy the small falls at various places here. You can take blessings of Lord Shiva at ancient temple at same place.


Military Mahadeva Temple

The nest place is striking shrine at Congress Road. This ancient temple is close to railway station and its easily reachable place for visitors. The temple was structured in 1954 and it is administered by the Indian military.


Shree Ramakrishna Mission Ashram

One of the architectural design housing many birds and domestic animals here. It is neatly maintained by local administration and entry is free.


Belgaum Fort

Fort is always the important spot of city as it states the value and historical events conducted at that place. As per sources this fort was constructed in 1204, though it requires maintenance now and fort is in bad condition. Still it’s nice and must visit spot so don’t miss Belgaum fort.


Kamal Basti

Another temple of the town built-in 1204 AD by Bichana dynasty. This temple was restored in 1996 and now it is maintained by local administration. This heritage place is having details mentioned on next to notice board.


Jamboti Hills

If you love to reach hills you can enjoy the beautiful spots at Jamboti hills and can enjoy the green surrounding. It is near the Vajrapoha falls in Khanapur, that is few km away from Belgaum. Excellent gateway and local people are reaching the spot regularly. It has become the big picnic spot for locale.


Hidkal Dam

A weekend gateway used by the local people is another spot. You can reach and enjoy the surrounding as there are many parks nearby. Though you must be careful as dam is always full of water.


Similarly, there are many other places to visit in the town such as Shri Hari Mandir, Rajhansgad Yellur Fort, Kapileshwara Temple, Kittur Fort and Palace, Vajrapoha Falls, Safa Masjid, St. Mary’s Church, Shree Mauli Devi Temple, Parasgad Fort, Shri Mallikarjun Temple, Asha Kiran Planetarium and few more.


How to reach Belgaum?

By Road: Town is well-connected through road via NH 4 connecting Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (KRTC) run buses for all cities of Karnataka and neighbouring states. They have online booking system that makes convenient for travellers to reach the spot.

By Air: Belgaum Airport at Sambra is linked to Mumbai and some big states. It is domestic airport and flights are available from almost all parts of major states. Daily flights are available from New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Jabalpur and Mangalore.

By Rail: Indian railway is biggest network having trains for Belgaum as well. Online booking is available so get your seat before its full.