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Jambughoda – Wild Park of Gujarat

India and its destinations are always special. This is the reason why abroad voyagers are regularly visiting the different places of India. Today we are going to discuss about Jambughoda a well-known tourist place of India. Jambughoda is the place of jungle means it’s a spot famous for forest life. Basically it’s a National park […]

Rohtang Pass – A Tunnel Road of Himachal Pradesh

Adventure in life is the only way to keep self happy. However, adventure should not be that risky that life becomes danger all the time. Today we are going to discuss about the Rohtang Pass that is one of my favorite Indian tourist place located at good altitude of 3,978 meters from sea level. It […]

Bandipur – The National Park of Karnataka

Wildlife is always excited and especially for those who are nature lovers. Today we are going to discuss about one of the favorite national parks of India known as BNP (Bandipur National Park). This beautiful natural spot of Karnataka state was established in 1974. The reason for founding this park was to give protection to […]

Balasinor – City of Gujarat

Jurassic park of India! Yes, this is true that Balasinor was the real the Jurassic park in the world. Dinosaur’s fossils are still available in this city of Kheda district, Gujarat. This small town is also recognized as Vadasinor. Town was founded in the end of 18th century. Earlier it was the town of Nawab […]