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Bangalore – Capital City of Karnataka

Bangalore is the biggest hi-tech city of Karnataka, which is also known as Bangalore. It is also the capital of Karnataka State of India. Earlier, this Garden City was recognized as pensioner’s paradise. Bangalore is the India’s third most crowded municipal location. Many International IT companies are having head offices in Bangalore, which makes it […]

Belum Caves – India’s Second Largest Caves

Today Belum Caves is become the favourite tourist spot of India and people from different regions are reaching this place to enjoy the astonishing caves created by nature. Such cave is second largest cave of India known for stalagmite and stalactite creations. The long passages of the caves with spacious chambers and water galleries make […]

Mathura Vrindavan – Holy Town of India

“Nand Ke Laal ka Ghar” Yes I mean the home of Lord Krishna is our Indian tourist destination today. This holy town is full-time busy with the devotees. This famous town of India is Brajbhoomi or MATHURA the of Lord Sri Krishna. Still you will hear the music of flute and mantras spread everywhere in […]

Karnataka – Impressive Tourism State of India

  Karnataka is a big state captivating huge land with complete charming beauty. Karnataka state is wealthy in flora & fauna, and it has spectacle pomp of magnificent customs with wonders of modern industry of Engineering.   The novel strategy of the State Cabinet allows a tourist to visit attractive places with complete guide packages. […]