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Jaisalmer – Golden City of Rajasthan

Jaisalmer is nicknamed as “The Golden City.” It is the small town of Rajasthan, India. It is located at good distant of 575 kilometres from Jaipur the capital of state. This amazing place stands on the edge of yellowish granite, garlanded by a castle, which includes the fort and some elaborated Jain temples. The houses […]

Rajasthan – Rich Cultural State of India

Rajasthan is the big state of India with full of heritage,wildlife, culture and astonishing scenery. As per experts, Rajasthan term means land of Kings (Raja means King, and sthan means place). The stories of the famous combatants, their courage, romance, beauty and disaster make this state different from other Indian regions. This huge state is […]

Gujarat – Beautiful State of India

  Gujarat is world-famous state of India serving various tourist places of India to global tourists. The land area of Gujarat is 196,030 kms and its coastline is 1,600 km. The major part lies in Kathiawar cape where the gross population is more than 60 million. Rajasthan is positioned in the north border and Maharashtra […]

Mumbai – Economical Capital of India

Mumbai is the world-famous city of India. Earlier, it was identified as Bombay the capital of Maharashtra, India and trade capital of India. This most popular metropolis of India is the 4th the most crowded city in the earth. The average population of this metro city is around 20.5 million plus. The neighbor cities of […]