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Kolhapur – Historical City of Maharashtra

A famous city Kolhapur is our target of the day. Kolhapur is the historical metropolis located on the bank of Panchganga River, Maharashtra, India. The striking temples, palaces and gardens are main attractions of the city.  City was found by Chhatra Pati Tarabai and most successful ruler for the city was legend Shri Shahu Ji […]

Anantapur – Historical City of Andhra Pradesh

India’s glorious city Anantapur is the prime target today. This Indian tourist place is famous as a holy region. However, the city is having different nearby best tourist attractions that mean if you reach the Ananthapur then you can enjoy many other tourism locations. Ananthapur is also known as Anantpuram and Anantpur so don’t get confused if […]

Ghazipur – Historical City of Uttar Pradesh

I love to travel different places and that is the reason why search for secret, known and unknown locations so that my journey will become perfect. My today’s target is Ghazipur that is also spelled as Ghazeepore, Ghazipour and Gauspur. Ghazipur is also a headquarters of big rich agricultural state Utter Pradesh, India.  As per […]

Hyderabad – Heart Of Telangana

Hyderabad is the wonderful capital city of Telangana (new state of India). This city of Nawab is famous for many things. People refer this metropolis as hub of IT companies not only IT, the city is developing in every sector. Pearls palace or City of Pearls are two other commercial names of Hyderabad City and […]