Chaukori – Holy Town Of Uttaranchal

Hill Station are always special destination for nature lovers and India is having beautiful spots where people can reach throughout the year. Today we are going to present you a place with green valleys but with the limited area. Our destination of the day is Chaukori which is a small but very impressive location for the people.

Chaukori is the kaleidoscopic hill station. It is the place where dreamers can turn imaginations into reality so you can imagine kind of beauty of this place. The thick woodlands and Himalaya ranges view is best here. Nanda Kot, Nanda Devi and Panchachuli peaks are few ranges visible from Chaukori. In fact, it is in Kumaon region and that is again a big territory for environment lovers. The complete region is full of green gardens spread with tea platoons. Such platoons were established by the British during Pre-independence period.

Chaukori is the secret place and fewer people reach here, the reason is accommodation and transportation issues, though because of this, place is clean with fresh air.


Attraction In Chaukori

Mahakali Temple Of Gangolihat:

This is the ancient temple at Gangolihat also known as Kalika Mandir. This place was chosen by Sankaracharya to establishing the Kali Shakti Peeth. Another temple Chamunda is just 2 km far from Mahakali temple.


Nagmandir Of Berinag:

Nag means Snake so it’s the temple of snake established at Berinag. This temple is located at cluster of trees popular for housing Sheshnag idol. Berinag is a small town added in Chaukori. This town has been named after Benimadhava and the temple was named after the Nagveni King.


Ghunsera Devi Temple:

A temple located inside the caves of Ghunsera on the hilltop is next place to visit. One more temple is there in these caves known as Asurchula Temple. Here the various idols were installed by the Khol Kings of Kartikeya Empire.


Ulka Devi Temple:

This holy place is situated close to a tourist rest-house that lies beside the memorial built for martyrs. View of Soar Valley from this shrine is best thing here.


Arjuneshwar Shiva Temple:

Next holy spot located at good height of 6,000 ft at hilltop housing idol of Lord Shiva. The view of region from this hilltop is different then other areas. There are some more temples to visit such as Jayanti Temple at Dhwaj, Nakuleshwar Temple, Kamaksha Temple, Kapileshwar Mahadev, and Mostamanu.


Hanging Rocks:

Trekking teams can plan a trip to Chaukori, though peak mounts will be difficult for the new members or inexperienced team members. Spend night at Hanging rocks and feel the difference. Get a chance to view the nature from close as night in jungle is always special moment.


How to reach Chaukori?

By Air: There is no airport at Chaukori, though the nearest closest airport Pant Nagar located at distance of 223 km. It is the domestic airport linked to almost all big cities of India. Private taxis are available from outside the airport, though it will take three to four hours to reach Chaukori.

By Road: With limited public transport it’s quite difficult to reach the spot through road. Nearby cities are having less transport for Chaukori.

By Train: No train for Chaukori as there is no railway station. This town is not developed till date so source to reach here is bit difficulty for travellers.  Nearest big railway station is Kathgodam located at distance of 180 km. Taxi is available outside the station for our destination.