Chopta – Switzerland of Uttarakhand

Chopta is a sweet destination also known as Switzerland of India. However, the place is not explored to the world properly so tourism is less compared to other hill stations of India. If we frankly say, Chopta is the best place to visit because of beauty and less crowd. It attracts the trekkers most as the direct trek to Tungnath is possible from this town only. Chandrashila a beautiful holy place is just 1 km from Tungnath that offers the panoramic view of clouds and snow-covered Himalaya hills. Nanda Devi, Chaukhuma and Trishul are main hill points that you can view from Chopta.


The altitude of our destination is 2680 meters from the sea level. The valley and surrounding are fully covered with flora and fauna. The thick forest of pine tree and deodar other few advantages of this place.

Reason To Visit Chopta

Wake up at breeze cool salubrious location and morning chips of birds are different experience for everyone. The peace and pollution free environment helps improving health and that is reason people prefer to visit this wonder land of Uttarakhand. If you want to enjoy the snowfall reach the destination in winter that is between December – February. Trekking at snow is next part of attraction here for adventure lovers. however, you might face difficulty reaching the spot because roads are also blocked with snow and it takes time for location administration to clear them.


Attraction in Chopta


The holy town famous as highest lord Shiva temple on earth. This temple is actually located at Chandranath Hill of Rudraprayag. Magnificent in architecture, it is considered as 1000 years old temple having idol of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It was discovered by famous Rishi Sri Adi Shankracharya.



Known as Winter seat of Kedarnath is next nearby location of Chopta. Altitude is 1317 meters from the sea level also known as Okhimath. This is also a holy town famous for Omkareshwar temple. People reach Ukhimath during winter when Kedarnath temple is closed due to heavy snowfall.


Omkar Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple

This shrine is also popular as Devariya Nag temple dedicated to Nag (Snake) Devta. you have to reach or travel towards Deoria Tal to reach this temple. Beautiful structural and solid rocks are reason for rock steady of this temple. Temple is basically located at Saari village that is very close to Chopta.


Deoriya Tal

Other name of this lake place is Devariya Tal popular for Chaukhumba reflection. this emarald lake is 2438 meters from sea level and early morning is the best period to spend time here. The reflection of Chaukhumba hills on crystal clear water is amazing. lake is covered with lush green incliend field of dense trees. it is good place for trekking because of ease access of soothing scenic beauty.



The peak point of Chandranath hill where the Tungnath temple is structured is also a finest place to visit in Chopta. The only part is you have to trek more 1.5 km from Tungnath to reach Chandrashila. The altitude is 4000 meters from sea level and oxygen level is bit less at this place. the mesmerising view of grandeur of hills of Himalaya is best feature here.



A religious place popular for Kali Mata temple at bank of Saraswati river is another part to visit in Chopta. This is again in Rudraprayag region at 1800 meters altitude. Kalimath is listed in 108 best Skhati Peeths of India. as per mythological sources Goddess Kali went underneath the ground after killing Raktbeej the devil. the place is covered with silver plate where Goddess Kali entered the earth. The amazing part of the temple is this silver plate is opened only on eight-day of Navratri.  Only chief priest is allowed to perform prayer that too at midnight. On this day the silver plate (also known as Sri Yantra) is taken out of the temple for the prayer.


There are many other places to visit in Chopta, though the mentioned spots are main so don’t miss the natural beauty and the best locations of your destination.  Chopta is the best place for camping, trekking, photography, bird watching, meditation and few more things.


How to reach Chopta?

By Air: Jolly Grant is closest airport at just 221 km distance. This airport is linked to almost all major cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai and many more.

By Train: Closest railway station is Rishikesh at 202 km distance. You will get private buses and taxis outside the station for Chopta.

By Road: Chopta is one of the highest hill station of India so you have to cover maximum area through road only. State transport is available from various cities though you have to enquire the travel department for this. You can hire buses from Rishikesh or Haridwar as well for Chopta.