Delhi – The Capital City of India

Delhi was selected as the royal place of courtesy by consecutive reigns. It is the most favorite tourist attraction for journey; Delhi is gifted with excess of magnetism places. Tourists can buzz the capital as tourist attraction places are so many in the store. To enjoy the tourism in Delhi a person need complete 3 days to enjoy the metropolitan city completely. This city is having more importance as it’s the Capital of India.

Some of the favorite and world known places are the Red Fort, Qutab Minar, Jama Masjid. These are the wonders of structural design that crown the admiration of Delhi. In addition, Delhi has a pleasant night life in its assortment of discos, nightspots and Inns.

Whether they are temple, mosques, forts or monuments tourist can visit various places and can enjoy. They can also enjoy the tombs, churches, colonial architecture, and museums. One thing tourist need to care about and that is they should plan their trip to Delhi as there are lots of places to visit. If tourist will not plan the trip they will miss the various and beautiful places.


Attraction in Delhi


Birla Mandir:

A beautiful Red marble temple is the famous temple created by Birla group. This temple is having a very astonishing sculpture of Lord Krishna and Radha. Not only are these but many other Hindu religious sculptures also the main attraction of this temple. This brilliantly architecture temple should be the first place to visit.


Akshar Dham Temple:

A beautiful and astonishing temple is best to visit. It is the temple built recently with all amazing designs. You can watch the musical fountain in this temple. Best time to visit is winter season. Full of amazing designed small temple will give you different feeling. Must visit place in Delhi.


Lotus Temple:

This modernly designed temple is build of pure white marbles. Lotus Temple is smooth progress of the Bhai’s trust of adoration. Baha’i Group of adoration is devoted to the oneness of entire creeds and mankind. Auxiliary structures that offer release to the anguish, nourishment to the poor, and shelter to the traveler, comfort to the bereaved and teaching to the unaware will be plentiful just about the House of adoration.


Kalkaji Temple:

This temple is of Kalka Mata also known as Kali Mata. Worship at this holy temple will complete all wishes of devotees. This is the belief of people about such temple. This is an amazing temple with all historical designed structure. Used black stones, created on small hill in Delhi. It’s near to Lotus Temple and opposite to Nehru Place a big computer commercial place.


Kala Bari Temple:

Near to Birla temple is another best temple to visit. Visitor should visit here as it is beautifully designed. In festivals especially for Bangla people, they celebrate Durga puja at this temple with huge decoration and arrangements.


Malai Mandir:

A temple of Ayyapa swami created with full south Indian tradition. It’s the nice temple with having lots of value in their life. Built on hills is near to Ramakrishna Puram, an Asia’s biggest government colony.



Mugal first came to Delhi and started ruling from there to other places. They like Delhi so much because of available resources and central point to control the nation. They build many mosques at this city.

Gumbad Masjid:

It is built with mugal architectures. Beautifully designed definitely going to tell you the story of ancient time. It was built-in 1494 year.


Begumpuri Masjid:

This Masjid is also known as Jahanpanah, so affectionately intended and so sloppily specified up by Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq, is stayed alive by glaringly little nowadays. Residual structures converse of high-flying and much preparation.


Jama Masjid:

A huge Masjid is the place for Muslim devotees. Visit such place on Friday will give you the idea about religious ways of Muslims. Definitely visit this place and watch how they all go for namaz. It is built of sandstone, white and red marble imported from Mugal from their ancient place. This Masjid is located at good distance of 500 meters from Red fort. Built in 1658 and appreciated by all over the world.



There forts are the pure prompts of the magnificent age of city’s succeeding reigns. Trip the huge Red Fort and Old Fort two main visiting forts of the city capital.

Red Fort:

Built by Shah Jahan has been mute spectator of countless plans, humiliations, and wars. Finished in an extent of nine years, priced approximately ten million Indian currencies, with about partially the sum departing towards the construction of palaces.


Purana Qila:

Known as old fort is another good example of mugal architecture. Earlier Delhi was named as Indraprastha so Humayun the emperor of mugal tried to make it of his choice. This man was scholar fine grasp on architecture. The walls and the design on wall itself show the capability of architectures of that time. Delhi people call it as Purana Qila or old fort.



Tughlaqabad fort:

Tughlaqabad is the place near to Delhi which was also the favorite spot for Mugal. However, the fort built by Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq. Good historical place to watch.



Lots of monuments are also the big attraction for tourist. Some of them are described below:

Jantar Mantar:

It was built-in 1710 by Raja Jai Singh II. He was the ruler of Jaipur came to Delhi for specially building such monument. It’s an instrument created to specify the time to people. It was designed in that manner that it will define the time according to climate condition. The instruments are made of brick rubble with plastered in lime.


Alai Darwaza:

Built by Allaudin khilji in 1311 with lots of beautiful flowers on wall. Created with red marbles is good of attraction.


Qutub Minar:

The world known very tall Qutub Minar, started in construction in 1192 by the king Qutub-ud-din Aibak (1192-98), respire downhill the collar of the Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque. This tower was created to show the victory over other kings of India. Its having a huge height and famous for it. Gates to enter in the minar are closed due to bad incident around few years back. Overall its amazing experience to watch such great and huge minar.


Royal Architecture

With some master work you can watch the royal architecture of the city.

India Gate:

A gate built by British during the First World War. You will find the names printed on the wall those fought for British. This gate is a tribute to those great Indian worrier who fought lots of battles for India and ended their life in war. Beautifully designed in gate shape is the prestige of city. It was built-in memory of 90000 soldiers died in First World War. It is open for all time but becomes more beautiful in night. Its height is of 42 meter. The design of this gate was of Edwin Lutyens In 1921.


Supreme Court:

An apex court is beautifully designed and properly maintained till lots of ages. This is made by the CPWD group of India. Built in year 1958 at Tilak Marg.


Parliament house:

Also known as Sansad Bhawan. Built in 1919 with beautiful round design. It is another big gift of British to India. While at the time of their ruling this structure was made.


Rashtrapati Bhawan:

This beautiful built bhawan is of president. A beautiful achievement is shown with its built structure. You can also enjoy the rose garden here which opens in March.


Many other places like Indira Gandhi memorial, Gandhi memorial, Nehru museum are good and attractive places to visit. You should make plan to visit such place to enjoy the real India.


How to reach Delhi?

Delhi is the capital of country and its connected to almost all cities of India. You can get flight, bus or train for Delhi from various parts. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is available for abroad as well as national people to reach here. However, it’s the busy city as well so book your tickets in advance if you have planned to reach Delhi. Northern railways are having trains for Delhi from all parts of the nation. Overall you will not face difficulty if you have decided to reach this wonder city.