Ganpatipule – Beach City of Maharashtra

In doubt to select spot for vacations? Go Ganpatipule for holidays. It is one of the tourism places of India located at Maharashtra famous for beaches and temples. Ganpatipule is a small coastal town with big beach. Its beach is full of red sand and knee-deep water. The best part is enjoying the nature swimming pool as the seashore is not that deep for some part. However, it’s a big sea beach so bit careful once you enter in the sea.

If you are aware of route to Ratnagiri, then just follow the same for Ganpatipule. One of the important Indian tourist places Jaigad Fort is also 25 km away from Ganpatipule. There is one big Ganesh temple named as Swaymbhu temple and the city itself is having religious name. If you split the city name you will find Ganpati that means Ganesh and Pule means area. Devotees believe the idol of Lord Ganesh placed in the temple was originated from the ground. Winter is pleasant weather and best period to visit, though summer is full of humid and heat.

Attraction in Ganpatipule:

with limited places to visit the city is inviting visitors to make their holidays memorable. Each spot is special with best hospitality so plan your trip for Ganpatipule. You can plan secretly and surprise your partner with package to Ganpatipule.

Ganpatipule Beach:

The beach with red sand and knee level water is specialty of the place. It is a bit rocky so you must be careful while entering the sea. Resort and lodging is available for you near the beach that means spend more time and enjoy the high waves.

Swayambhu Temple of Ganesh:

The temple of 400 years is next spot in city to visit, though people believe the idol placed in the temple is 1600 years old. Rhymetic beats are easily audible from the temple and Diwali is the main celebration period here.

Jaigad Fort:

Another spot but very impressive for visitors is Jaigad Fort. However, its 25 km away from Ganpatipule, but here you can enjoy the sea shore and can watch the meeting point of Shastri River into the sea. Fort is built on hills so view of sea from fort is amazing compared to any other spot of the city.

Jaigad Lighthouse:

This lighthouse is basically a defensive part of the fort situated on the top of hill. The view is paranomic and Jaigad lighthouse is amazing place to visit. Once you reach the fort you can easily attain to this lighthouse as well.


A native village close to Ganpatipule famous as Marathi poet’s town. One of the famous kavi’s Keshavsoot was from Malgund, though it also the green place and famous for white sand and beach as well.


A green town famous for ashram of Swamy Swaroopanand is next place for our travelers. This tourism place is having religious values and surrounding is full of scenic beauty. Pawas is having important part in glorious history of Maharashtra.


35 km away from Ganpatipule is one more place where you can visit and make holidays special. The rock-free beach of Velneshwar is famous in state and visitors can attain old Shiva temple. Mahashivaratri is best time for Velneshwar visit. Apart festival you can reach the town between February to March as winter is best weather.

How to reach Ganpatipule?

By Road: Maharashtra roadways are providing proper transport for Ganpatipule from various cities. However, best route is from Kolhapur that is just 150 Kms distance. Chandoli, Amba Ghats, Karnjari, Pali, Hathkumbe, Nivli Phata and then Ganapatipule your destination is reached. Mumbai is also a best spot to start road journey for Ganpatipule. Mumbai is properly linked to International and all national cities.

By Rail: Ganpatipule railway station is connected to some major cities of India. Ratnagiri is closer big station and properly linked to various cities of India. Ratnagiri is another famous Indian tourist place so once you reach here you can enjoy Ratnagiri as well as Ganpatipule that is only 150 km away.

By Air: Mumbai is the closest and biggest air hub for our spot. Mumbai is linked to all major international cities so abroad travelers can also reach the destination without any difficulty.