Gopalpur – Amazing Beach City of Odhisa

An unexplored coastal area of India Gopalpur is our prime destination today. It is the town of Ganjam region in Odisha, India. It is the commercial as well as famous sea beach for travelers at 15 km distance from Berhampur. This Indian tourist place is having ample of beaches and there is a point when sea is divided in two parts. You can view the amazing pictures of this wonder beach land.



Gopalpur is the ancient commercial port, though now its lying in ruins. Soraine family controlled the town for longer and they became wealthy as well. Development during their ownership was good and later it became big trade centre from little fishing village. They also founded the rule allowing any villager to build own house, with some perimeters. At British ruling period family transferred and become British missionaries. Town played important role for British East India company especially for trading with Bhutan and other north-east countries. Gopalpur is the very quiet and relaxed place, but the only big difference about this place is it is one of most hunted beaches of India now.



Town is just 16 km far from Brahmapur that is commercial hub of southern Odisha. Brahmpur is also close to the border of TN (Telangana State). This torpid beach is full of casuarinas, coconut groves and gentle sand dunes.


Gopalpur Beach

Renewed in 1970s initiated by Odisha government, the docks were supposed to recuperate the trading activities of the port. The old dock is key tourist attraction here that was the major point for trade and commerce during medieval times. The sailors of that time started journey from this dock to Indonesia and Rangoon. It’s a amazing drive-in for the visitors and the view of sea from this point cannot be expressed in worlds. It is listed in longest stretch beaches of India famous for cashew nut trees as well. Town is having main business of cashew nuts and export is done at large scale from this town. Lighthouse is placed at the point from where the maximum area of sea can be covered. Town is also popular to localities for ‘beach festival’ organized every year. Another big beach is Dhabaleshwar also known to the world for temple.


Attractions near Gopalpur

Beach Festival:

The first beach festival was conducted in the 1996 by Ganjam Hotel Association. The reason to start festival was to promote tourism and culture.


Aqua Sports:

Notorious Scuba Diver Shabbir Box established the training cum fun ride service on the backwaters of the sea. Wind Surfing, Scuba Diving, Rowing, Swimming, Water Scooter and Paddle Boat are few major events performed with well trained professionals.


How to reach Gopalpur?

By Air: Bhubaneswar is at 180 km distance is the closest airport for our town. Flights from almost all domestic airports are available for Bhubaneshwar.

By Rail: Closest railway station is Berhampur reachable through Calcutta, Chennai and some big cities of India.

By Road: This Indian tourist place is connected by road to Barkul, Bhubaneshwar (180 km), Berhampur (16 km), and Puri (242 km).