Hampi – Cultural and Historical Place of Karnakaka

Tour India and learn the several different holiday destinations. You might know that India is full of traditional places, holiday locations and mixture of various communities. If you have planned to visit any places of India then try Vijay Nagar also known as Vijayanagara. This is now-ruined city of Bellary region, Karnataka, India. If you know some history part of India then you might hear about Vijayanagara Kingdom. This city is named after successful ruling of such empire that extended the southern division of India rapidly. We can refer this city as Hampi also because both cities are connected to each other. Some people refer the tourist places to Hampi and few link the spots to Vijayanagara. 


Presently city is serving the nation as World Heritage Site. Some key points about the city are mentioned in this short note. Here, you will get ample of information related to tourism spots of Vijay Nagar.

Location: Maximum part of this city lies closer to holy river Tungabhadra. The big holy place known as Virupaksha temple of Hampi is closest destination for travelers.

Tourist attraction of Vijayanagara

Virupaksha Temple: 

If we evaluate the land are of this city some part is added to Hampi (another big holy place of India). Initial place to attain in city is Virupaksha temple also known as Pampapati shrine. This holy place was constructed between 13th to 17th centuries. There are 2 courts with gopuram entrance. Temple is closer to Hampi so you can easily enjoy both cities at same time.


Hemakuta Hill: 

Places are limited to visit in the city, but each destination is special. Next place you can visit in Vijayanagara is Hemakuta hill located in southern part of Hampi. View of surrounding from the hill is amazing so don’t forget to reach this spot. There are several shrines on the hill so take blessings from the God and enjoy your trip.


Krishna Temple: 

A ruined shrine located in South Hampi at Hemakuta hill is next place to visit. This shrine was constructed by the king Krishnadev Araya. Hampi faced lots of battles in past and that is reason maximum best shrines are today in bad conditions. This temple is big example of insolvent occurred in Vijayanagara as maximum part of shrine has collapsed.


Lakshmi Narsimha: 

The rock-cut temple of Narsimha God is one more holy destination. The idol of Lord Vishnu with 6.7 meter height is also impressive statue to watch. This temple is also damaged and statue of Goddess Lakshmi is now placed in museum at Kamalapuram.

Monolithic Narsimha: 

This sacred place is famous as Shesha means head. Shesha is the Hindi word which form with seven heads. Restoration of statue is done so voyagers can visit this place and watch the 7 headed Narsimha Idol.


There are many more holy places to visit in the city so people who are devotees to any God can enjoy the place. However, maximum temples are ruined because of incorrect management. Local administration is trying to restructure the temples and for such they are gathering the donation from different origins. 

Some other places where travelers can reach in town are Sugriva’s cave, Kodandarama Temple, Vittala Temple (temple of musical pillars), 1000 Shiva Linga’s, Ramachandra Temple, Underground Shiva Temple, Lotus Palace, Pushkarani, and Elephant stables. Some monuments cities like Anegondi, Hospet, etc. are also best spots to visit located closer to the town.


How to reach Vijayanagara / Hampi?

If you have planed your trip to these cities then you can easily reach to such place through different ways.

By Air: Hampi is having domestic airport and flights for such city is available from several parts of the nation. You can get the flights from Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and some more cities of India.

By Road: Hampi and Vijayanagara are properly connected to Indian cities through road. You can get the Karnataka transport buses for both cities from several big cities of India. State transport is best mode to enjoy the tourist spots as there are some special buses available for voyagers to visit the holy places of city.

By Train: We all know rail is the best mode of transport in India. You can get many trains for Hampi from various cities so no worries to reach the destination for holidays. However, it’s better to book tickets in advance so that booking will not affect your tour. Online reservation for this Indian tourist place is available. Try to get the ticket of Hampi or check the nearest big station.