Har Ki Doon – Adventurous Hill Station of Uttarakhand

The heat outside is pathetic and I always search for the destination where I can spend quality time especially when its holiday mood. Today I have a breathtakingly known destination Har Ki Doon also known as Har Ki Dun. It is basically a cradle shaped valley located at altitude of 3566 mts. However, you should reach Govind Ballah Pant National park to reach Dun. This remote destination is offering spectacular views amazing valleys that is not explored to the world yet.


Garhwal Himalayas don’t require any introduction as world. Har Ki Doon is also in Garhwal region attracting trekking lovers throughout the year. However, winter is a challenge for visitors here but still people are reaching at intervals for their adventure or vacations. From December to March the whole valley is covered with snow. Though valleys in Garhwal is also famous for its scenic beauty many people are reaching here for naturopathy as well. Himalaya peaks such as Swarga Rohini, Kala Nag, Bandarpoonch and many more are easily visible from this town. Trekking part in Har Ki Doon goes through isolated villages. These villages are yet unaffected by the Indian civilisation.


If your plan is fixed to reach here you must start from Sankri that is another beautiful town on hills. Trek distance between our destination and Sankri will be around 54 km, but yes, its easy trek so you will not get difficulty here. 2-day stay is enough to enjoy but if you want to take pleasure of weather and the valleys you must stay there for 4 days at least. As Har Ki Dun is not that popular so the challenge here will be mode of transport. If you are going in-car or taxi no issues, but using public transport will be challenge here.


Go through firms or travel agencies as they will guide you about the If’s and but’s of location. Schedule that offered by the travel companies are like


Trekking Plan to Har Ki Doon

Day 1

Reach Sankri: It’s a small village, though public transport is available for this town from various cities. You can book lodging here as there are numerous options of resorts and hotels at this town.


Day 2

Sankri – Taluka – Seema or Osla: Start from Sankri through and cover the distance of 12 km. You will reach Taluka from where the dense forest starts. From here the trekking distance will be 14 km and you will find walnut and chinar forest on the way. You just must stay on right side of Supine river and you will reach your next point. At certain point cross the wooden bridges and go through occasional climbs to reach next spot.


Day 3

Seema or Osla to Har Ki Dun: It’s a trek of 12 km starts after crossing the last wooden bridge over Supin river. Travel till small bridge to reach the stream, though its steep climb and it will take minimum 30 minutes to complete the trek. Once you reach Kalkati Dhar the scenery will change. Enjoy the beautiful nature from this location as the surrounding is dense jungle with core animals. To reach Har Ki Dun you must go to Hata peak and that is our destination of this trip.


There are many other trek points for adventure lovers like people can go to Jaundhar Glacier and some more. However, it’s risky and need stamina to continue as the path is difficult from this point. For return you should go through same route and reach Sankri. From Sankri you can hire taxi for Dehradun if you have plan for other locations.


How to reach Har Ki Doon?

By Road: Dehradun is properly connected big city of Uttarakhand linked to many cities of India. From here private taxis are available for Sankri the entry point. Buses are available for Sankri from outside of railway station.

By Train: Dehradun railway station is closest station and connected to all big cities of India. Frequent train service to Dehradun helps travellers to reach here with no worries.

By Air: Jolly Grant Airport at Dehradun is closed air hub for Har Ki Dun. However, its domestic airport but you will get flights from big Indian cities without any trouble.