Hyderabad – Heart Of Telangana

Hyderabad is the wonderful capital city of Telangana (new state of India). This city of Nawab is famous for many things. People refer this metropolis as hub of IT companies not only IT, the city is developing in every sector. Pearls palace or City of Pearls are two other commercial names of Hyderabad City and special Hindi is another mark for the city. People speak so sweetly that you will not listen such language anywhere in the world. Hyderabad is famous destination for non-veg food as well as it is also an entertaining city of India.


The founder of the Hyderabad was Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah. He found Hyderabad city in 1591 AD. Since ancient period the city was captured by Muslim rulers and that is reason why the strength of Muslim community is higher compared to other Indian communities. City is holding several best historical places for voyagers. However, learning about Hyderabad is possible by visiting Golconda fort, Salarjung museum,Chowmahalla palace and some more locations. As per records Hyderabad was founded 500 years ago. The Golconda area was ruled by Empires of Vemulawada Chalukyas. The ruling period was among 731 to 966 AD. Hyderabad was also the first independent Muslim Sultanet of Deccan of South India.

Not only Hyderabad, the other region connected to this city known as Secunderabad is growing as well. Countless Malls and shopping centers are open in Secunderabad and Hyderabad cities. As both regions are growing so people refer both stations as twin cities.

Hyderabad is the global center of pearls and diamond though IT sector is another identification of the city. The other trades such as bio pharmaceutical industry and the real estate are growing as we in this twin city. It is moreover a birth place of the Telugu Film Industry which is also known as Tollywood. The UNESCO pacific site Chowmahalla Palace is listed as most attracting spot here, however there are many other tourism locations in Hyderabad City.

If you know about the most costly diamond Kohinoor, then you might know Nawab of Hyderabad was the owner of this diamond. However, British Company of England took that diamond from Nawab of the city and sent it to England. Still this diamond is with the England’s queen as she is wearing it on her crown. It was one of the richest cities of India in earlier period and the senior most salute region throughout the era of British India.

Slowly the city was established with many institutions, schools, colleges, a university of Urdu, etc. As the city came under Indian Civil Service they established the Hyderabad Civil Service Department. This was the first step towards advanced development of the city. This sector built huge reservoirs such as Tungabhadra, HimayatSagar, and Osman Sagar.


Tourist places to visit in Hyderabad:

Falaknuma Palace:

A Mahal of AsafJahiNizam who was the last Muslim ruler of Hyderabad. Voyagers will get the chance of enjoying royal treatment of Nizam if they plan the accommodation in this palace. Yes! You are getting a chance to stay in this royal palace. Staying there could be different experience for you. This Palace is 5 km away from Charminar and best time to visit is between October to March. The Jade collection of the palace is amazing and gives different feeling. The Italian style of the architecture of the palace is wonderful and the construction took 9 years to complete. Italian marble are used in total area of 939712 square meters in Falaknuma palace. The collection of Nizam paintings, statues, manuscripts, furniture and books are key attractions of this place for voyagers.

Golconda Fort:

The big monument and identify of Hyderabad city is Golconda Fort. The fort is accessible with all earlier memories of rulers came to India. This is the best spot to visit in Hyderabad as it is having historical connection with the city. A costly diamond known as Kohinoor was taken forcefully by British East India Company at Golconda fort only. This spot is under control of Indian Army, though experts say lots of ornaments, gold, crystals and diamonds are still in the Golconda fort area.


Salar Jung Museum:

The famous and top class museum of India is Salar Jung. People from diverse nations come to Hyderabad to watch the amazing architecture collection available in this museum. The Italian marble structures gifted to the Nizam rulers are key attractions at this place. Mirror of human environment of earlier time are able to impress the voyagers. It helps the visitors to learn about the culture of 2nd century to 20th century. The big achievement or the unique feature of this museum is the wall clock that is running without any battery since the ancient period. This watch is still working and people from different nation are reaching Hyderabad to visit Salar Jung museum. This watch is listed as one of the big achievement for the city. This watch is continuously in function, though there is no battery system.


Nehru Zoological Park:

Kids always enjoy the fun places and zoo is best picnic spot for them. If you have family and you are reaching Hyderabad city on your vacations then you must attain to zoo. Nehru Park is amazing spot having good collection of wild animals. A short safari drive is available in zoo where travelers will move in a big van and can enjoy the dangerous animals openly moving closer to their van. The toy train is good option to cover the complete zoo in lesser time. Cycling is available on hourly rent in the zoo. I enjoyed the cycling, though rent is hour basis and you have to deposit some advance before hiring the cycle.


Snow World:

People who love to enjoy chilled environment should visit the Snow World. This place is charged on hourly basis and people can enjoy the artificial snow environment. It is impressive place and local people are regularly visiting Snow world especially on weekends.


NTR Garden:

A best destination with beautiful garden and some water sports events. It’s a green park having toy train for voyagers. This train takes the big round of the park so if you feel tired walking then get this train and see the every corner part of the garden without any trouble. Once you reach this place you can also enjoy the view of Hussain Sagar as the park is adjacent to the famous lake of Hyderabad known as Hussain Sagar. The regular development of park and newly installed swings for kids makes this place favorite picnic spot for voyagers.



The ancient constructed 4 pillar tomb that is identity of Hyderabad is next place for you. Chuddi bazaar (bangles market) is one of the oldest markets of the city located closer to Charminar monument. This place is properly maintained by the government administration.


Lumbini Park:

This is another park constructed near the Hussain Sagar. The boating at this place is first choice for people. Laser show is major attraction of this garden, the best part is it’s completely different project and available at limited places throughout the world. Mini waterfall, pool play and some more events are good areas to enjoy here. Park is closed on Monday and timing for laser show is 7:15 pm to 8:30 pm.



This is the spot containing art and craft galleries. The village inside the Shilparamam is exactly like ancient period. You will learn the exact living standard of the villages of South India once you visit this town place. Lots of crafts and handicrafts products are available in Shilparamam, though a Shilpa Kala Vedica is big auditorium available inside the area of this spot. If you are lucky you will be able to enjoy the classical events in the auditorium if any of the program conducted.


Ramoji Film City:

It is the permanent film studio having countless sets for the movies. Many Tollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood movies editing job is done in Ramoji Film City. The starts from Telugu movies reach this spot frequently. It is a type of reverie world where visitors will learn about the procedure of creation of movies. Many big studios and animation centers are also available at this place. The shows and movie making procedures described at this place helps the visitors to learn how the movies being made. You have to pay some fee to enter the city, though the charges are higher but the sets of movies are best to watch here.


Birla Temple:

The white marble temple known as Birla Temple is next spot to visit. This holy place is created on the hill and night view of city from the temple is amazing. The lighting in the night gives a different appearance to the temple as well.


Chowmahalla Palace:

The magnificent Palace is partially opened because it is turned as the party place of Hyderabad City. It was the official guest house at the time of Nizams ruling. Lots of big parties and music functions are conducted here every year. People can avail the details through websites about the various programs. It is also available for the parties so booking can be done through online as well as brochures available at palace.


Sri Jagannath Temple:

Beautiful temple of Lord Sri Jagannath at Banjara hills is one more impressive place to visit here. Evening and weekends is full of crowd but still properly managed by the temple administration. Structure of temple is amazing and cleaned and they do expect from the devotees as well. Photo or use of camera is not allowed in the temple so be careful with that.


Mecca Masjid:

Located at Old Hyderabad is historical and oldest mosque of India. The structural design and bricks used to design this Masjid are similar to Mecca of UAE and that is the reason the place is known as Mecca Masjid.


Qutub Shahi Tombs:

Reach Ibrahim Bagh for Qutub Shahi Tombs. It is closer to Golcunda Fort so you can attain two places easily in this area, though less crowd visit the place but it’s having huge values for this historical Indian tourist place Hyderabad.


Birla Science Museum:

A planetarium close to Birla temple is next place for you. Wonderful collection and beautiful structural design are specialty of this museum. It is again on hill station and you can view the amazing Hussain Sagar lake and the Buddha statue.


Mahabodhi Buddha Vihara:

The most calm and beautiful temple of Buddha in the town. However, temple is in hills but it is built-in residential society Mahendra Hills of East Marredpally. The big idol of Buddha and the view of town from the hill is amazing. It’s not much old and properly managed by the administration. It is the big center for believers of Lord Buddha and known to the people as big center of meditation.


Sri Ramakrishna Math:

Learn customs of monastic order at Sri Ramakrishna Math. It is kind of holy place and locals reach here are various occasions such as namely children. It is basically an education center serving free classes and food to visitors.


The other spots that people can visit in this best tourism place of India are Jal Vihar, KBR Park, Ocean Park, Chilkur Balaji Temple, Durgam Cheruvu, Mount Opera, Hussain Sagar Lake, Necklace Road, and Public Gardens, Purani Havelli, Hitech City and many other spots.


Climate: The moderate temperature of Hyderabad makes this destination anytime reaching spot.


How to reach Hyderabad?

By Air: Hyderabad International Airport at Shamshabad is connected to abroad as well as domestic cities such as Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Nagpur, Vishakhapatnam, Bangkok, UAE and many other cities of different nations.

By Train: Hyderabad railway station, Secunderabad Junction and Kachiguda railway station are three major railway stops in the city. Hyderabad is the major city and having broad gauge lines connected from different parts of the nation. Trains for this twin city are available from Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar and almost every major cities of India.

By Road: The excellent roads of Telangana and the finest bus services allow the travelers to reach easily through road.