Imphal – Capital City of Manipur

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    Imphal, my birthplace is our next tourist destination for India visitors. This city is the capital metropolis of Manipur State, India. This delightful city has bloody battle background as it played vital role in Battle of Kohima when the Japanese troop got defeated for first time in Asia. Battle of Kohima played main part in World War II hence this city is having historical values of India. Before battle, the city was the key destination of King of Manipur. The city was declared capital of Manipur in 1826 and still city is serving as capital of top greenery state Manipur.

River Manipur is life of the city serving from longer years. It is surrounded with high hills, which protect the city in from directions. City is full of greenery but its bloody background makes it different tourist destination then other areas. The city faced many battles between foreigners and localities particularly between British rulers and local government. Charm of city is attracting nature lovers, though city is little disturb because of local terror.

  1. Travelers can enjoy visiting Monuments, Archaeological sites, Museums and Religious sites in the city. However, markets, Animal Parks and heritage sights are also available where voyagers can attain. Local people of Manipur are corroborative and polite.


Attraction of Imphal:

INA Memorial:

The first spot for voyagers where people can watch the achievements and training points of army of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. He motivated young people of Manipur to join army and fight against British government for freedom.


Kangla Fort:

located close to Manipur River is next tourist spot. Kangla was the capital of state Manipur till 1891, though it was changed to Imphal, then on-wards. In early ages of the city Kangla fort was royal citadel constructed by King Pakhangba.



A spot where the big fights occur between Manipur Empire and British Army is next tourist destination. However, Manipur army lost the fight against British and General Paona was appointed to control the administration of state for British.



Next tourist location placed at only gap of 9 kms is Langthabal. To learn glorious past of the city visitors must attain to Langthabal. Spot is located on standing hill expresses the glory of battles occurred at diverse intervals.


Manipur State Museum:

State Museum established in 1969 is next tourist spot of the city. People can learn about the cultures, Art, nature and history of city in museum.

Countless other destinations in the spot are available like Moirang, Saheed Minar, Phubala, Loktak Lake, Waithou Lake, Keibul Lamjao National Park, Manipur Zoological Gardens, and Shri Govindjee Temple.


How to attain Imphal?

Imphal is known city to the world through reaching the location is little difficult. Kolkata is 1431 kms away, Delhi is 2166 kms away, Nagpur is 2340 kms away, Indore is 2527 kms away, and Bangalore is 3402 kms far from Imphal.

By Train: railway station of Imphal is available, though direct trains are limited for spot. Dimapur is the biggest rail hub close to Imphal located at only distance of 215 kms. Reaching Imphal from Dimpaur through taxi and bus will take around 8 hours. Closest railway stations for Imphal are Dimapur and Guwahati. Trains for Guwahati and Dimapur stations are available from Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and some more big cities of India.

By Air: Imphal airport is located at eight kms distance from center part of Imphal city. This domestic airport is having flights from Delhi, Kolkata and Guwahati, though frequency is limited. Abroad visitors can attain to Kolkata or Delhi to reach Imphal.

By Bus: buses from Manipur cities and Nagaland State are available for Imphal. Charted buses are for Imphal are available from Aizwal, Itanagar, Dimapur, Kohima, Agartala and Shillong.