Jageshwar – Holy Town of Uttaranchal

Another holy town of Uttaranchal popular as valley temple town. Breath taking view of surrounding is key attraction of the town. Jageshwar is the small town of Almora district known for temples of lord Shiva and Vishnu. It is also listed in dhams of India, though it is also spelled as Jageswar so don’t get confused if you are unable to find much details with the place. We will try to cover maximum information for the town so our readers will not get any difficulty if they are reaching this plan.


The valley is having plenty of ancient temples and Dandeshwar is one of them. There are around 200 structured temples in the region and most of them are ancient temples. Maximum temples are of lord Shiva and you will find devotees chanting Om Namah Shivaya specially at evening time. However, people go back to home at early evening hours because town is surrounded with core jungle and beautiful valley. We can say place is kind of dangerous in night so you must be careful while moving to this town for holidays.



Jageshwar is the Hindu pilgrimage town and listed in char dhams in Shivam tradition. It is covered under Indian laws, and administered by the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India). The temples include here are Dandeshwar, Chandi-ka-Temple, Kuber Temple, Jageshwar Temple, Mritunjaya Temple, Nau Durga or Nanda Devi, Nava-grah temple, Surya Temple and the Pyramidal shrine. Monsoon Festival is the key celebration of the town celebrated according to Hindu calendar. Festival is conducted in the month of Shravan (July-August). Maha Shivratri Mela is another festival celebrated with great joy at this place.


Jageshwar is around 35 km distant from Almora at the altitude of 1870 meters from sea level. Jataganga river is the major source of water at this place and Deodar forest is closer to town.

Jageshwar is not known to the world and because of that very fewer people visit here throughout the year. Going according this status, you might face difficulty with the accommodation and transportation. However, we can grant this place as less crowded so you can enjoy the spot properly instead of visiting huge crowded destination. As per history of the town few temples are older than 1400 years built-in 7th to 12th century. If you are aware of Baijnath temple that is also a big holy place for Hindus just 100 km away from this Indian tourist place.



Jageshwar Temple

This is the temple of Lord Shiva also known as Mahadev temple. It is the principal temples having 2 dwarapal’s (door guardians).


Vinayak Kshetra

Just 200 m away from Artola village that is the starting port of Jageshwar town. It lies between Vrudhh temple, Jhanker Saim temple and Koteshwar temple. Its ancient temple structured with black stones.


Bud Jageshwar

It is situated 3 km north to Jageshwar temple. Bud temple is also known as Sri Vriddha shrine. It is at top of the hill and good place for trekking.


Pushti Bhagawati Maa Temple

This Goddess temple is also known as Pushti Devi shrine. This goddess temple is situated in the premises of Jageshwar temple. The other name of this temple is Dandeshwar Temple at 2 km distance.



Jageshwar Archaeological Museum

Just 0.2 km distance is another spot for travellers here. This archaeological museum is having limited collection of superb religious carvings. These carvings are taken from the closest temples for safeguarding purposes.


Mirtola Ashram

Set up by Maa Yashoda, a housewife in late 1930. It is at Almora district famous for reasonable accommodation, though you must do some charity if you want to take pleasure of services of ashram.


There are many other temples, though one week is enough for holidays in Jageshwar. Enjoy the valleys and the jungle part to make your holidays more exciting. Frankly speaking two or three days are enough for this beautiful natural Indian tourist place and rest of the days you can enjoy the nearby destinations that are again wonderful tourism spots. Private hotels are available for stay so stay is not a problem at this place.


How to reach Jageshwar?

By Road: Northern cities are having buses for Jageshwar, though direct buses are available from less cities. You can hire bus from Haldwani and Almora for our destination. Here, Almora and Haldwani is reachable from Delhi that is 400 km distance. Almora is only 37 km far from Jageshwar.

By Air: Pantnagar is the closest airport at 150 km distance from the town. Private taxis are accessible from outside part of the airport.

By Train: Kathgodam is the closest and properly connected railway station for our tourism location. Distance between Jageshwar and Kathgodam is 125 km so you can hire the private taxi from travel firms outside Kathgodam station.