Kallidaikurichi – Town of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu the richest agricultural state of South India is having plenty of places to visit. Our target for today is Kallidaikurichi a town not much popular but covered with greenery and pollution free air. I don’t know about others but once the name Tamil Nadu comes in my mind the image of green farms, beautiful towns and amazing scenery area start moving in my mind. The coconut trees, delicious south Indian food served on banana leaves and many other things are special of Tamil Nadu. The best and richest temples, holy towns are other best parts of the state.

Today we are going to discuss about the town that is not much popular among travelers. However, the town is key part to reach some big tourism spots in region. Kallidaikurichi is established on the bank of Thamiraparani River. It comes under Ambasamudram Taluk, Tirunelveli region. Just like other south Indian rural urban, this town is also steeped soaked in traditional rich heritage. People of town is struggling a bit to hold its past glories.

Kallidaikurichi is full of rich heritage and many ancient temples are located in various parts of the town. The structural designs of these temples are of ancient age like they have higher gopurams. Gopurams are the ornamental entry points of temples having elaborated sculptures. 

As we told you already that Kallidaikurichi is entry point to many big tourist places, once you reach this town you can also enjoy the last point of India that is Kanyakumari located at 70 km distance in north Tamil Nadu. The other two important spots near the town are Palayamkottai and Tirunelveli. Forgot to tell you one important part of this town, it is located in the middle of hills that means surrounding areas are full of hills with greenery and scenery.

Temples (Shrines):

The most beautiful shrine of town is Manenthiappar that is dedicated to God Shiva. You will also find the idol of Aadhivaraga (Lord Vishnu) in the temple. Many big and small shrines are available in the city where you can visit.

Few Important Areas to Visit:

Thamirabarani River:

The ever flowing river Thamirabarani flows through town Kallidaikurichi. The origin place of this river is near Pothigai and it flows down to the Bay of Bengal. Once you reach the river area you will find good green hills having plenty of small and big striking waterfalls such as Courtallam Falls, Agasthiar Falls, Banatheertham Falls and Manimuthar Falls.

Manjolai Hills:

Travel for nearly 40 km distance from Kallidaikurichi to reach Manjolai Hills. The spot is full of rich nature splendor with tea agricultural estates. The average height of Manjolai is from 1000 to 1500 Meters. KMRT (Kalakkad Manimuthar Tiger Reserve) is key attraction point of the spot. Some other nearby spots from Manjolai is Manimuthar Dam, Water Falls, Manjolai tea plantations and few small tea plantations at Upper Kodaiyar Dam as well. Upper Dam area is famous for windy view point. 


Agasthiar Kootam (famous for medicinal herbs) is another hill area near village. It is fully filled with flora and fauna specifying this place as bird watch area will be better. Don’t forget to reach Kalakkad Mundanthurai wild life park, but be careful while entering the area. It is the dense jungle and you might find Tiger standing in front of you. 

Kallidaikurichi is the small town so you will not get many areas to visit, but the greenery and peaceful surrounding will fresh your mind. Instead of spending huge amount on hill stations or expensive tourism places you can visit to Kallidaikurichi town. Make your holidays memorable by attaining to this place.


How to reach Kallidaikurichi?

By Rail: Kallidaikurichi railway station is properly linked with many big cities of Tamil Nadu. It is also linked with some big stations of nation.

By Road: Tamil Nadu Roadways is having buses for Kallidaikurichi from Tirunelveli, Nagarcoil and some more cities. You might feel discomfort as road conditions are not perfect.

By Air: Closest airport for Kallidaikurichi is Madurai that is domestic airport located at 250 km distance. The other big air hub for Kallidaikurichi is Trivandrum that is International Airport located in Kerala. Trivandrum airport is 145 km far from Kallidaikurichi so you can plan either way to reach this best destination for holidays.