Kandi – Village of Himachal Pradesh

In this monsoon season we got a place for you that chilled hilly town of Himachal Pradesh. However, the town is small but beautiful and full of natural scenery. This known target is Kandi a very impressive village under Palampur region, HP. The biggest part about this village is you will get less information about the town but you can check the striking amazing pictures on the internet. Yes! People reached this wonderland and they are not able to describe the place in words. Only images and express what they felt about the site.

Actually complete Himachal Pradesh is full of tourism spots. You can select any spot of HP and I am sure you are going to have best holidays. HP is the amazing land of natural sources and beauties so Kandi is just a part of that wonder tour. Kandi village comes under Thural Tehsil, Kangra region. You can reach Kandi from Thural that is just 50 km away. You will surprise with the population strength of Kandhi that is just 256 people. With only 61 houses the town is serving with best hospitality to their voyagers. You might face some difficulties about the services because it is still undeveloped area of HP.

State transport of HP is providing buses for Kandi from various regions. Frequent bus service is available from Ghaghetta, Lahru, Salan, D P F Baloh, Malghuni, Baloh, Batahan, Malehar, Ghur, Kotwal Lahar and Sai Da Lahar. Well Salan, Baloh and Malehar are some more tourism places that you can enjoy once you reach here. These each town and cities are at nominal distance from this wonder place. 

Some of the key places in Kandi are Noan Bridge Chailchowk, Gupta House, Tricky Lights, Ancient Himchal Pradesh, Balh Valley, Chail Chowk, Dangerous rock and Banzar. 


Steep trek points at Banzar are enough to excite you. Trekkers throughout the world are reaching Banzar so you might find your Facebook or any social networking friend at this place. Keep your mobile data on for longer so that you will get information about your friends who are at Kandi. Similarly there are some more places you can visit here, though its small town so you can enjoy the natural beauty spots and the deep valleys.


Surrounding places near Kandi are also best such as Shimla, Manali, Mandi and many more. Each place is special and you will get ample of places in each city. Overall you are going to enjoy the place so much so don’t think much and prepare plan for Kandi. 


How to Reach Kandi?

Himachal Pradesh is full of hills and most part of Himalaya is in HP. Because of mountains rail to each place is not easy. If you are coming from south India then reaching Chandigarh would be best option for you. You will get flights for Chandigarh from almost every corner of India. However, Kandi is about 2000 km away from this planned city. You can also get the flights for Shimla which is next closest big tourism spot for Kandi.