Kargil – Hill Station of Jammu Kashmir

The beautiful India is having attractive places to visit. You might hear about the Kargil war between India and Pakistan, but you will be surprised when you come to know that Kargil is the region of India that is famous for best scenery spots. Here you can enjoy the amazing valleys, wildlife and optimum hospitality of the local people. This region faced the big fight but still people are not scared, and even so, they are lively living.

Our prime target for the day is Kargil that is the district of Jammu & Kashmir state, India. Kargil is the hill station of India closer to LOC (Line of Control) of India and Pakistan. West portion of town is boarded with Baltistan. One of the famous hill stations Zanskar is also covered under the region. Few more amazing locations are Suru, Drass and Wakha valleys.

In 1947 when India became independent, it was partitioned into two different nations. That was the birth time of Pakistan resulting few big wars between India and Pakistani. Pakistan tried to capture the Kargil and many other cities of Jammu Kashmir state, though Indian force gave a good lesson to this country and defeated several times in big wars. Apart historical fights the city is holding amazing beauty. Experts suggest this place as heaven on earth and that is the reason tourists always look for the visit to Jammu and Kashmir cities at regular intervals.

Geographical structure: The Himalaya ranges with snow-covered are easily visible to Kargil. Climate of the town is always chilled, though summer is the best period to visit. Temperature in winter goes to − 40 °C, though Kargil is holding record of − 60 °C as well. Another big chilled city of India known as Drass is located at an only gap of 56 km. NH 1 is the easy way to reach Kargil as this highway connects the city with Srinagar and other areas of the state. However, this highway is open from June to November only due to bad weather conditions. Zoji La is the big example of wonder highways of the world. This best Indian tourist place is located at 204 km distance from Srinagar.

Wildlife: Kargil town is beautiful, and its natural attraction is wildlife of the region. The most common sight for travelers in Kargil is Eurassian Magpie who is the big forest area of Ladakh. Snow leopard, Canis lupus langier (also known as Tibetan wolf), brown Bear (also known as Ursus arctos isabellinus), Ladakh urial, Capra ibex, Pikas, musk deer, Marmots and hares are available in the forest in large quantity.

Tourist Attraction in Kargil


The wonder place of Kargil to visit is Pashkum located at 15 km distance from the town. Connect yourself to Pashkum through Leh road. A historical town with striking castles on hills is key attraction here. Learn the glorious past of Jammu and Kashmir State by visiting this town.



Another tourist place in Kargil is Mulbek that is famous for Buddhist temples. Reach Mulbek located at 42 km distance from Kargil. Mulbek Chamba is key spot to visit in town that has 9 meters tall sculpture of Maitreya made of 7th century. The mosque and fort are two other attractions for voyagers in this town.



If you love visiting villages, then attain to Shargole town located at 35 km distance. Person of this town is having huge faith in God Buddha. You will find maximum people of Buddhist community, though Muslims are also in the large amount in this town. The beautiful monastery with amazing paintings on the wall is major attraction here. Surrounding of Shargole can  make your holidays memorable. The picturesque view from the monastery could be different experience for you. You know the place is having four days trekking areas from Shargole to Suru valley. Check out some best images of Shargole on the Internet and you will come to know the value of this place. Daily buses are available from Mulbek to Shargole.


Fokar Urgiyan Rzong:

Our next target of Kargil is Fokar Urgiyan Rzong located at the only gap of 8 km from Shargole. Here you can enjoy the citadel, water streams and dense forest. The cave monastery is prime spot to visit at this place.

Rgyal Wakha:

There are countless places to visit in Kargil though Rgyal Wakha village is one prime spot located at few Km distances from Mulbek. You are going to visit the hidden vertical cliff formed by nature in Rgyal Wakha.


Drass War Memorial:

Kargil war is listed in big wars of Indian history. Drass war memorial is the place created after Kargil war ends. The lists of all warriors who played important role in Kargil war are mentioned in this memorial.


How to reach Kargil?

Some other best destinations of Kargil are Yuru Gompa, Suru Valley, Karste River, Phuktal Monastery, Rangdum Monastery, Sani Monastery, Nakpochu Valley and Karste Valley. Each spot is having a different feature so you are going to enjoy the spot so much. It is an all-time favorite for nature lovers so visit the place with your family and make your holidays special.

By Air: Srinagar is the big international airport located in Jammu and Kashmir State. Srinagar is nearest considerable air hub located at 135 km distance from Kargil. Next closest airport is Leh airbase that is located at 138 km distance.

By Rail: Srinagar and Udhampur are two closest railway stations for Kargil. Udhampur is located at 202 km distance. Next big rail hub is Ram Nagar of J&K located at 209 km distance.

By Road: Kargil is easily connected to other cities of state through NH 1D. You can reach this valley town by road and can enjoy the beautiful journey because the whole path is full of adventure and dangerous turns.