Khasi Hills – Beautiful Hill Area of Meghalaya

“Different destination diverse features” this is the common thought that comes in mind when we plan a trip on holidays. However, finding the best location for holidays is confusing task because there are numerous finest Indian tourist places when we search on google. Khasi Hill range is the place I have selected as the top tourism location of India for today. Khasi hills are basically part of Garo-Khasi area of Meghalaya. 

Earlier these hills were part of rich agricultural state Assam. Here travelers will get subtropical jungle Eco region that means if you reach this place you will get a chance to watch the natural beauty closer.

​If I say Khasi region is full of tribal then it’s somewhat true. Stunning images of Khasi states that how important this place is. There are countless waterfalls, jungle areas and reserve where you can visit in Khasi range. You might hear the world’s wettest place Cherrapunji that is closer to Khasi hills.

When we talk about Khasi Hills district it is divided in two parts, one is West Khasi and other is East Hills. The top peak of such range is Lum Shyllong at good altitude of 1968 meters from the sea level. However, Lum is just a few km away in the south direction from Shillong town.

​Meghalaya state is mostly covered with hills, but some locations are too good to visit. You will not get similar destinations throughout the world and Khasi hill ranges are one of them. The headquarters is in Shillong for Khasi hills. As per census the average population of this location is 824,059 that is a big part of the whole Meghalaya population.


The district headquarters is in Shillong which is another quite tourist destination.

​Greenery, valley and jungles are the best tourist attractions of the Khasi hills. The north part of the hills are bounded by plain area of RI-Bhoi region. Rolling grasslands of the plateau of the Shillong are impressive and the river valley is another attraction for travelers. Once you reach the spot don’t forget to attain sharp waterfalls in the South direction of Khasi Hills. Some part of the hills are under the rural development block bordered by Bangladesh country.


Summer is hot, though winter is not that chilled but it is the best place to visit on rainy or winter season. Monsoon comes in May that continues till end of September. In summer you might face the humidity so you can plan a trip to Khasi hills between December and March.


Attraction in Khasi Hill ranges:

However, you will find limited areas in the Khasi hills for tourism though surrounding locations are available where you can reach on your holidays. You can enjoy the wonder hill areas and the stunning cities located closer to Khasi hills.

Such cities and tourism spots are mentioned in the below list:

  1. Shillong is the best holiday spot closer to this hilly region.

  2. Next place is Cherrapunjee that is wettest place of the earth known for living stem bridges.

  3. Nohkalikai Falls are listed as top waterfalls of the world. This fall is again closer to Cherrapunjee.

  4. Nohsngithiang Falls, Kynrem Falls and Umiam Lake are some more impressive spots closer to Khasi hills. Umiam is the manmade lake located on the way to city Shillong.

​Apart the mentioned places Mawlynnong village is another spot closer to Pynsursla block. This place is famous for its cleanliness so you must reach the village and enjoy their hospitality. Even you will face heavy rainfall in this village, but still the land areas are beautiful and completely clean. The root bridges, cottages and jungle areas are famous attractions of Mawlynnong village.

How to reach Khasi Hills?

Reaching Shillong is the best option for Khasi hills and you will get the buses and private taxis for Shillong from various parts of Meghalaya state. Guwahati is properly connected to Shillong and Silchar is also having the direct connection through NH 44 to Shillong. Distance between Silchar and Shillong is nearly 240 km only.

The closest railway station for Shillong is again Guwahati that is connected to almost every big city of India. Umroi airport is available at only distance of 35 km from Shillong, but it is connected through private planes so you won’t get frequent service to reach the spot.