Kolkata – Capital City Of West Bengal

The world-famous metro city Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal, India. The other name of city is Calcutta situated on the bank of river Hooghly. Experts call this metropolis as principal of commercial, educational and cultural city of Eastern India. The big port of the city is oldest operating port of India. As per survey conducted in 2011 the average population of city was 4.5 million. Kolkata was the big trading center for British East India Company (BEIC) as they started settling their firm by entering from the port of this tourist place. Prior to BEIC the complete state was ruled by Mughal Empire.


The Nawab from Bengal gave the permission of trading to BEIC which was the big mistake for the whole nation. In 1690 British government established their Company in Kolkata and started spreading their trading centers throughout the nation. In 1756, Nawab Siraj-ud-Daulah took the control of city which was retaken by BEIC in 1772. The big part about this tourist place is the city served the nation as capital of India till 1911. This city becomes the major center for independence movement of India.


Several sightseeing locations of Kolkata makes it first choice for the visitors. This note is about the tourist attraction of Kolkata so that travelers will easily reach the favorite spots and save their lots of time.


Attraction of Kolkata:

Birla Museum:

The huge industrial firm Birla is progressing rapidly. Youngsters can learn the achievements of the city by visiting Birla industrial and technical museum.


Birla Planetarium:

Next spot for tourism in Kolkata is planetarium. Believer of God and the science students must visit the location. This Planetarium was built-in 1962 structured beautifully so tourists are definitely going to enjoy the spot.


Fort William:

The castle of William built-in 1781 is next spot for visitors. It was constructed in the honor of Ruler William –III of British Empire.


Howrah Bridge:

Kolkata city is famous for its world-known bridge Howrah. Presently the bridge is the landmark of city to the world. In local terms bridge is known as Rabindra Setu expressed as the Kolkata gateway.


Indian Museum:

The store having Egyptian mummy and skeleton of dinosaur is another location for travelers. The museum is best Indian tourist place houses various amazingly discovered things of mankind. Kolkata museum is the oldest as well as biggest museum of the nation. There are around 60 galleries containing different stuffs of diverse period of India.


Jorasanko Thakur Bari:

The state Bengal is known as the land of philosophers and performers. The poet, writer and philosopher of India Rabindranath Tagore was born in Jorasanko Thakur Bari, Kolkata, Bengal. Visitors must visit the house of Tagore which is known as Jorasanko Thakur Bari.


Marble Palace:

The top most spot of Kolkata is Marble palace having amazing collection of art. The palace is located close to Chorbagan area. Art lovers should reach the palace on priority. The mahal was built by Rajendra Mallick in 1835.


Sabarna Sangrahashala:

The rich heritage of Sabarna family always attracts the tourist throughout the nation. Sabarna Sangrahashala is the museum managed by SRCPP (Sabarrna Roy Choudhary Paribar Parishad) group.


Science City:

This spot is best known location particularly for children. Around 6 to 8 hours are required in this amazing place to learn about the various things available in the spot.


Shobhabazar Rajbari:

Durga Puja is the one which makes the Bengal special religious destination. The fest of Durga Mata is celebrated with full of joy, enthusiasm and excitement. The puja was started at Shobhabajar Rajbari in admiration of Superintendent Lord Clive in year 1757.


Victoria Memorial:

Shining Victoria memorial is next location available for visitors. Here the verdant greenery areas near the memorial are beautiful. Built by William Emerson who was the President of BIA (British institute of Architects) in 1921.


Eden Gardens:

Today the biggest cricket stadium of India is located at Eden Garden, Kolkata. The gardens at such area are beautifully maintained. The name of the gardens was after Eden who was the daughter of Auckland’s governor.


Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary (JWS):

British government was attracted by the natural resources available in Bengal. The state is also popular for having huge amount of jungle. The Bengal tiger is world-famous and travelers can view the animals at Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary. However, the park is positioned close to the city and it is spread in 25 square km. Some common animals available in the JWS are horned Rhino, elephants, spot deer and tiger.


Many other spots for travelers are Rabindra Sarovar, Botanical Gardens, Birla Temple, Kali Temple, Nakhoda Mosque, and St Paul’s Cathedral church. Every spot is having unique feature and travelers avail the detail study about the spots at several other sources. Kolkata is also popular for having amazing beaches though travelers have to cross few Km to reach the beach area.


How to reach Kolkata?

The big cities such as Lucknow is 1004 km away, Kanpur is 1006 km away, Nagpur is 1124 km away, Delhi is 1441 km away, and Bhopal is 1461 km away.

By Rail: Howrah railway station is properly linked to numerous big cities of India. However, Sealdah is next big railway station of Kolkata connected to almost every metro city of nation. Train from every corner of the country is available for Kolkata. This metro city is having huge west railway network allowing people to reach from anywhere in the India.

By Air: NSCB (Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose) is the International Airport situated at Dumdum. The gap of only 17 km from center part of Kolkata permits visitors to reach location easily. The domestic as well as international flights are easily reaching this airport at frequent intervals. The airlines of international companies are having countless flights for Kolkata.

By Road: the roads of Bengal are properly managed by the state government. Kolkata is big business hub as well as tourist destination and a metro city so its having lots of values for the nation.