Meghalaya – Beautiful State of North East India

Meghalaya is the north east state of India, and it’s factually meaning the house of clouds. This hilly strip state is serving various natural beauty spots as tourist destinations for worldwide visitors. Around 300 kms long and 100 kms extensive area offers ample of locations for holidays. As per survey, the average population of Meghalaya was approximately 2175000 in year 2000. This nature rich state is surrounded by Assam in north and Bangladesh in south. Capital of Meghalaya is Shillong, which is also recognized as Scotland of north east India. The average population of Shillong is 260,000 plus.


Evaluation of the area of state expresses it’s one third location of state is forest. The mountain forests of Meghalaya are dissimilar from the land area steamy forests situated at north to south. The large amount of biodiversity of mammals, plants and birds are special in forests. Earlier, these forests were part of Assam, though on January 21, 1972, the regional of Garo, Khasi and Jaintia hills turned as the new spots of Meghalaya.


This Indian tourist place is having BNP (Balpakram National Park) situated in South Garo Hills region. The constant trespassed forest areas of this hill are cleaned for coal trade. Jaintia Hills with big rivers are special spots of this beautiful place. The biggest rivers here are Myntang and Umngot. However, there are many secrets of Meghalaya, which are yet to be exposed, but still the places for tourism are special in this state. Enjoying the nature is possible by visiting the Nokrek National Park.


Shillong is the world-famous hill station of Meghalaya, and people are reaching this spot whole year. The water falls around Shillong are special too. The high peak of Shillong is good for trekking. Not only Shillong, there are many other tourist spots in Meghalaya serving with ample of nature beauty.

Some of the major Indian tourist places within this state are Cherrapunji, Shillong, Mawlynnong, Guwahati-Shillong highway, etc. The waterfalls, parks and gardens with deep forest could be different experience for a tourist. Visitors can enjoy the tree rood bridges in Cherrapunji and also can go for Cherrapunji Shillong highway, which is again covered with lots of greenery and astonishing views.

The main waterfalls of state are Elephant Falls, Weinia falls, Shadthum Falls, Bishop Falls; Langshiang falls, Nohkalikai Falls and Sweet Falls. The hot water springs at Jakrem are available with ample of remedial and therapeutic properties.

Meghalaya is not big state but having huge nature beauties and high hills. The highways and roads are poor so driving could be difficult in some areas. Those who have planned to visit the Meghalaya should not miss Khasi Hills, Jaintia Hills, Nongstoin, Garo Hills, Tura, Cherrapunji, Shillong and Nongpoh areas as they are service amazing hospitality and beautiful scenery created by nature. Sohpetbneng Peak, Ward’s Lake, Caves in Meghalaya and Shillong Cathedral are also special spots.