Nuranang Falls – Waterfalls of Arunachal Pradesh

If you are impressed with my last post of Dodital Lake, then you will like the today’s article as well because today I am covering the Indian tourist place that is famous for falls. My target of the day is Nuranang Falls that is most wonder waterfall location used in many Bollywood movies for different scene shootings. 

​Nuranang Fall is having another name as Bong Bong Fall. The average height of fall is 100 meter. You have to reach Tawang region of AP (Arunachal Pradesh), India. This spectacular waterfall was unknown to the world, though it got popularity when the scenes from this area were added in the Bollywood movie Koyla. 

​Although the movie was flop but the wonder places of movie got hits. Even I myself watched the song “Tanhai Tanhai” for more than 10 times to view the background spots of the song. The wonder and absolutely amazing falls are able to impress you and you are definitely going to make plans for visit. 

​These falls are only 2 KMs far Jang town of AP. Road from Tawang is easy source for you to reach the falls. You can also get the route of Bomdila to reach Nuranang falls. As the falls are closer to Jang town so it is also recognized as Jang Falls. 

However, the spot is used for generating electricity through small Hydel project, but still there are sceneries, greenery and lots of other areas where you can visit. The River Nuranang originates from Sela Pass. Later the river connects to Tawang River after crossing the Nuranang Falls area. 

​The town got the named after local girl Nura. She had helped the soldier Jaswant Singh Rawatin 1962 in Sino and India War. However, later she was captured by the army of China. This could be the reason but experts believe that the town was already named as Nuranang since ancient period. 

​Whatever the reason is behind the name of this place, it is wonderful and 100% best tourist destination of India. I personally believe the hills surrounded the falls and the greenery of the area should not be missed. If you are a nature lover then checkout the amazing pictures of Nuranang on various websites. You will find the difference between this falls spot and other vacation locations. 

The places I got nearby Nuranang for visitors are:

Gori Chen: It is the peak located at good distance of 164 Kms from Tawang. It is the highest peak of Arunachal Pradesh famous for trekking and natural sceneries. April to October is the best period to visit the Gori Chen. Distance between Nuranang and Gori Chen is just 26 kms. 


​Tawang Monastery: 

Gautam Buddha devotees are getting a top place to pray and get blessing. The monastery of Tawang is listed at biggest gompa of Asia. Here the important part is you need to take permit from the state government to attain the gompa. For permit you can visit the offices at Arunachal association, Delhi government office and Kolkata registered office. The picturesque surrounding is best and museum is another wonder spot of Tawang monastery. It is just 30.9 km distant from Nuranang. 

The other three places that are more in demand near Nuranang falls are Sela Pass lake, Shungetser lake and Bomdila. Sela is only 44 kms far, Shungetser is 120 km far and Bomdila is only 148.3 km away from Nuranang. 

How to reach Nuranang Falls?

​Reaching the location through road is the only mode of transport. Tawang is the best destination to reach Nuranang. Tawang is easy reaching location of AP and countless buses are available from various parts of the state. Weather: 22 °C is the regular temperature of the town. 

Best period: The appropriate time for this wonder location is between March to June.