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Hampi – Cultural and Historical Place of Karnakaka

Tour India and learn the several different holiday destinations. You might know that India is full of traditional places, holiday locations and mixture of various communities. If you have planned to visit any places of India then try Vijay Nagar also known as Vijayanagara. This is now-ruined city of Bellary region, Karnataka, India. If you […]

Neemuch – Beautiful Small City of Madhya Pradesh

Today our target is small city of Madhya Pradesh named as Neemuch. This town of Malwa region is having two different spellings such as Neemuch and Nimach. This Indian tourist place is having limited spots for voyagers, but the hospitality and clam environment is enough to give mental peace to voyagers. Nimach is bordering the state Rajasthan so we […]

Masinagudi – Wildlife Park of Tamil Nadu

As there are countless places to visit in India, today we are going to discuss about the town that is having one of the best national park of India. This Wildlife Sanctuary is house of Tiger. We all know that wildlife parks are full of greenery and thick forest, though jungle of Masinagudi is covered […]

Rohtang Pass – A Tunnel Road of Himachal Pradesh

Adventure in life is the only way to keep self happy. However, adventure should not be that risky that life becomes danger all the time. Today we are going to discuss about the Rohtang Pass that is one of my favorite Indian tourist place located at good altitude of 3,978 meters from sea level. It […]

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