Pindari Glacier – Heaven Of Uttarakhand

How would you feel if you get a chance to travel to any of the Glacier? Pindari Glacier is the easiest accessible glacier spread in 32. Km length and 1.5 km Width. The best part is you can cover the whole distance in 1-week max. Approx 82 km trek with full of excitement and dangerous routes is a special part of this tour. This Indian tourist place is in Bageshwar city of Kumaon region and the altitude is 3350 meters. You need at least 7 days though trek grade is moderate. Your journey will start at Loharkhet and the best time for glacier visit is from April to November.

Kumaon region itself is full of beautiful destinations as the mesmerizing Himalaya ranges are either starting or ending in Kumaon region.

Trek to Pindari Glacier

Your trekking in India is not complete if you have not done the trek to Pindari Glacier. Nanda Devi and Nandakot are two religious spots close to our destination this mean you can enjoy some more locations if you reach Bageshwar town. Nanda Devi and Nandakot are all time snow-covered peak locations. Here trek will take you through dense forests, lush green valleys, verdant meadows and cascading rivers. You will get mesmerizing worm’s-eye view of the royal Nanda Devi peak from our spot.

Travel to the Village:

During the trek, you will cover few towns and villages of Kumaon district. These towns are again beautiful, and people are very friendly as well. In case you need any help, you can check with the villagers. Almora and Bageshwar are two big towns you will go through during the trek. Villages in Kumaon are simple but rich in cultural life and Pindari is one of them. You will trek among dense forests and can see streams ending at two big glaciers.

Once you reach the spot you can also trek to Kafni Glacier that is another impressive location. Kafni is 3860 meters elevation from the sea level. Some travel firms are having packages for the trek for such spot, though all are having similar kind of plans.

How to reach Pindari Glacier?

The initial trip will start from Kathgodam to Bageshwar and then Loharkhet. From Loharkhet you will move towards Dhakuri. Your trekking will start from Loharkhet that is 10 km easy trek. From Dhakuri you will trek towards Khati that is 9 km simple route. From Khati move towards Dwali for 11 km trek. It is kind of moderate trek, so you might face difficulty here. Then Dwali to Phurkia and then zero points and then Kafni glacier. There are some more trekking parts that you can try. For this tour, you require minimum 7 days to enjoy it properly.

You must reach Kathgodam to start your journey. Kathgodam is easily reachable through Howrah and some other big cities of India.