Punalur – Water City of Kerala

One more cute destination for our travelers known as Punalur. Team of Indian tourist places is always searching the spot that should be unique or at-least memorable. Our destination for today is Punalur a pure and clean city of Kerala. However, it is located at border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala comes under Kollam district situated close to Kallada River. The name of city is derived from two different words of Tamil language. One is Punal (water) and other is ooru (city) so we can identify the place as city of water. The amazing ghats and wonder surrounding is specialty of Keral destinations. The finest part of such place is it is just 45 km away from Kollam and 75 km from Thiruvananthapuram.

It is also known as Gateways of western ghats so you are going to enjoy the place a lot because of varsity. Some more features of Punalur are paper industry, 2nd largest business city of Kerala and many more. This small scenic city being the pioneer by bringing revolution in Kerala industries. You might find boards of Pathanpuram Taluk in some areas of the city so don’t worry as that is the another name of this place.

Apart tourism Punalur also is famous for pineapples, timber and plywood. The suspension bridge constructed back in 19th century by East India Company is must visit place of city. Because of its importance the administration department have declared the suspension bridge as best monument of Kerala, though it is no more in use, but to protect the bridge a renovation has been performed at regular intervals. There is a bio-reserve established in town known as Agasthyamalai.

Tourism destinations Around Punalur:

Kallada River:

The River site has countless picturesque spots to attract travelers. If you go through our older posts of Kerala cities then you will find important pilgrim destinations such as Sree Ayappa and Sabrimala. Punalur is a stop for devotees to reach any of the two mentioned pilgrim spots. Try avoiding Punalur at festival seasons as huge crowd reach the place and it becomes fully busy area.

Shenthruni forest:

The dense jungle with wildlife and a part of Thenmala Eco Tourism is next place of this town. Mountain biking and hiking are best events conducted here by different teams. It is the excellent spot for nature and adventure lovers.

Palruvi and Old Courtallam Waterfalls

The spectacular attractions of this Indian tourist place are two big waterfalls known as Palruvi and Old Courtallam.

Pattazhi Devi Temple:

The ancient shrine Pattazhi Devi Temple located at Pattazi is next attraction for tourist.

Nearby Destinations:

Kerala state itself is best among all tourism states of India. Some of the best nearby cities from Punalur are Thenmala (19 km away), Kottarakkara (20 km away), Adoor (31 km away), Kollam (44 km away), Varkala (52 km away) and Thiruvalla (64 km away). Of course, their names are different to pronounce, but each place is amazing and full of natural beauties.

You are going to have a wonderful tour if you reach Punalur. This is for sure that it will be your memorable tour once you reach this tourism spot of Kerala. Make a plan of at least 1 week so that you can enjoy the place properly. Frankly speaking attractions in the city are less, but the one that are available are best in the world. Just check the images of the beauty of the town and you will surely make a plan to visit Punalur.

Best time to visit Punalur:

Winter is the best season for this city, though you can visit the place in any month. Winter is the peak season and pilgrims reach the place in large amount. You might face accommodation problem so plan to book the hotel or lodging in advance.

How to reach Punalur?

City is properly connected through air, road and train. If you are facing difficulty to get reservation for the spot, then you can search for the Kollam or nearby destinations. You will get train easily for different big cities of Kerala from almost every part of the nation.