Rupnagar / Ropar – Historical Destination of Punjab

Rupnagar (Also known as Ropar or Rupar), is the beautiful historical holy city of Rupnagar region, Punjab. Rupnagar is recently created 5th Divisional Headquarters comprising Mohali and adjoining districts. Ropar is listed in bigger sites belonging to the Indus Valley Civilization. The city is only 50 km distant from Chandigarh. North is bordered by Himachal Pradesh and West is bordered by Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar region. This Indian tourist place is best destination for people who want to learn about the Sikh community and birth of Khalsa group.

There are countless historical gurdwaras and places in Rupnagar Gurudwara Tibbi Sahib and Gurudwara Bhhatha Sahib are main spots among them. The king Rokeshar ruled the town in ancient period and later it was ruled by Rup Sen following the town was named as Rupnagar after death of Rup Sen. To learn history of this amazing city you can visit the museum and the other historical parts.


Attraction in Rupnagar

Virasat E Khalsa

If you want to learn about the Sikh religion or want to know the history, please visit Virasat E Khalsa. However, this museum is opened for limited hours so check the timings before reaching the spot.  Museum is spread in large area that mean you need more time to cover each part of the museum.


Sri Takht Keshgarh Sahib

This is a famous gurdwara houses the original weapons of Sri Guru Govind Singh Ji. Some other possessions are also available inside the gurdwara. Langar is served whole day and some rooms are available in the complex area of gurdwara. You can book the rooms online if you want to spend more time here. As per sources Takht Sahib is the birth place of Khalsa.


Bhakra Dam

Next spot is Bhakra dam, one of the biggest dams of India. The beauty of the surrounding and the wonderful work by civil engineers makes this place favourite spot for travellers. This dam is made of concrete on one of the biggest rivers Sutlej. One side of dam is full of water and it looks amazing. However, if you want to get closer to the gates you must take permission from public relation officer.


Gurdwara Bhatta Sahib

A calm place away from the city is another spot for visitors. This is the gurdwara popular for surrounding beauty. Private rooms are available here at reasonable price if you are reaching Rupnagar for few days. This gurdwara is at Kotla village that is near the river Sutlej.


Sir hind Canal

This is a lifeline of the city as the water flows from the canal is used for drinking and other important requirements of the town. It is every flowing canal and neatly maintained by the local administration.


Gurdwara Parivar Vichora Sahib

To reach this gurdwara you must get to NH 205. Here Guru Gobind Singh ji’s family members lost their path due to bad weather and moved to different way because of which guru ji get separate from his family. Gurdwara Parivar Vichora Sahib is very significant in Sikh history. It is very emotional place and once you reach here you will come to know the reality of what Sikh gurus has gone through.


Gurdwara Sheesh Mahal Sahib

Another historical gurdwara at Kirtapur Sahib town popular for its beauty. Gurdwara is just 10 km away from central city and public transport is available to reach. It’s beautiful holy spot made of glasses. Sheesh is the glass and mahal is the palace so you can judge the kind of beauty of the spot.


Archaeological Museum

To learn history of any place museum is the best spot. Archaeological museum is housing all important and historical things that will help you to learn about Sikh community as well as their hard life spend in Rupnagar. You will also learn about the Harappan civilization once you visit here. This museum is very old but neatly maintained so don’t forget to visit here.


Gurdwara Sadabarat

Gurdwara Sadabarat is at Ropar-Nangal highway offers quick stop to people passing through. It is basically a point of meeting for Sikh people and large amount of public gather during Sabha.


Jateshwar Mahadeva Temple

This is the temple of Lord Shiva at 5 km distance from Ropar main city. It is the must visit shrine for devotees of Lord Shiva. You will find huge rush on Monday so if you are in town try ignoring Mondays.


Ropar Wetland

This is a lake at Nawanshahr that is just 6.2 km distance from central city. The best part of this place is you will find 100s of birds here. The park and bodies of water are amazing to watch here.


There are some more places to visit in this Indian tourist place such as gurdwara Garhi sahib, Spa, etc. However, spending a week holiday is enough to enjoy the place properly. Temperature is very hot in summer so plan your trip accordingly.


How to reach Rupnagar?

BY FLIGHT: Nearest airport is Chandigarh connected to almost all big cities of India. Private transport is available outside the airport for Rupnagar. Airport is just 39 km away so transportation would not be a problem for visitors. Other big airport for this wonder town is Ludhiana Airport at 62 km distance.

BY TRAIN: Rupnagar station is properly connected to major cities of the country and regular trains are available to reach the town.

BY BUS: Check the buses for Anandpur Sahib as service for Anandpur is more compared to Rupnagar. Any bus going to Anandpur will go through Ropar only so its best to get such root instead of Rupar. Anandpur Shaib is just 29 km away so get to wonder land with no rush and easy transport. You can also try reaching Mohali a big city of Punjab that is only 37 km far from our destination.