Sachen – Best Camp Site of Sikkim for Trekkers

For trekking Sikkim is the most difficult state in India. However, there are countless locations in this state so trekkers are getting an option for their adventure. We are discussing about Sachen hill station that is full of dense forest. The best feature of this town is you are getting complete jungle to live. Learn the real wildlife by attending this place. 

Sachen is the place that is not explored to the world. This is the reason you will not get the enough information about this town. Talking about development the city is not having many resources. It is the hill station having limited accommodation and facilities. You have to carry first-aid kit in case of any injury occur you can treat it with priority. The dense and the bad weather are always the concern of Sachen. You might face sudden rain or cloudy weather so it’s better to carry raincoat or umbrella all time. 

Sachen is located close to another hill station of Sikkim known as Goechala La Pass. Goechala is famous for trekking and adventure lovers are reaching the town at frequent intervals. If you plan to reach Sachen, then you are getting the chance to visit Goechala as well. Next close tourist place is Yuksom that is one more trekking place. Talking about Yuksom it is the historical town of West Sikkim established in 1642 ADs. There are many base camps in Yuksom, but you have to register for this camp in advance. The seats are limited, and people from different origins are always trying to reach Yuksom.


Our prime target is Sachen, and it is the place th
at is not easily reachable. You can judge the difficulty of journey by watching the striking images. Get mentally prepared if you are not experienced with wildlife of Indian cities. The snakes and some wilder  animals are common in this area so keep yourself protected from any harm. Kanchenjunga National park is close to Sachen as well. 
Living at such jungle town is not easy task as it’s quite dangerous, but it is the favorite place of adventure lovers. Plan your trip and add a memorable time in your life.

How to reach Sachen?

Follow the road of Yuksom to reach Sachen. You can also connect to Goechala La Pass for this adventurous destination.

Please carry worm clothes if planned to visit Sachen as weather conditions for the town are not appropriate. Temperature of town is always between 0 degree to 16 max so arrange stuffs accordingly.