Sasan Gir – National Park Of Gujarat


Tour to Gujarat is very much in demand. Sasan Gir is turning one of the best places of Gujarat. If you love to watch lions walking close to you or you want to see the wild animals from closer then Sasan Gir is the best place. This natural habitat is full of lions so you are definitely going to feel like you are in South Africa to watch the lions everywhere. This wild area is spread in 1424 sq km, though this place is famous for bird watching.

In actual terms Sasan Gir is the place where Gir is the wildlife area housing many animals.


Tourist attraction in Sasan Gir

Gir National Park:

This Park is the first place to visit here.  Foundation of park was done in 1965 in 1412 square km. Asiatic lions are the best thing to watch in this place.


Mahabat Maqbara:

Next attraction of the town is Mahabat Maqbara. This monument was constructed in 1892 by Nawab. Its structural design is similar to Indo-Islamic style.


Somnath Temple:

if you are the religious person and love to visit temples then you are definitely going to love the Somnath Temple located at only gap of 46 kms from the central part of Sasan-Gir. This ancient shrine is famous religious place added in the list of oldest temples of India.



Kamleshwar Dam:

the huge fall of water from the Kamleshwar Dam is best experience for the visitors. You can enjoy the dam located close to Gir National Sanctuary.


Girnar Mountain:

next spot is Girnar Mountain located at 4 km distance from Junagadh. Height of mountain is 1100 meters from ground and you can watch the whole city from the hill. Jain Temple located on the top of this hill is next spot for voyagers. Construction of Jain shrines was done from 1128 to 1500.

Durbar Hall Museum:

you might have the hobby to watch the ancient things so if you made a mood to learn history of Sasan Gir then you should visit the Durbar Museum located close to Diwan Chowk.

Few more spots that you like in Sasan Gir are Uperkot Fort, Nalsarovar Lake, and Junagadh Zoo.


How to reach Sasan Gir?

If you are coming from Mumbai to reach Sasan Gir then you have to cover the good distance of 833 kms whereas Pune is 957 kms away.

By Train: Train is the best method in India to reach different places. Sasan Gir is easily reachable through train, taxi and private vehicle. Rajkot and Ahmadabad are closer big cities to reach Sasan Gir. Veraval is the big railway station located close to Sasan Gir.

By Air: reaching Sasan Gir is possible through air as well. However, the travellers have to reach Keshod airport which is only 90 kms away. Keshod is the domestic airport having flights from many cities of India.