Satpura National Park – Amazing Jungle of Madhya Pradesh

Dense forest of Satpura (Satpura ke Ghana jungle – Hindi Translation) is known to the world. Our destination for today is Satpura a beautiful green location of Hoshangabad region of Madhya Pradesh. The name of town is derived from the Satpura range spread in 524 km2 area along with the adjoining Pachmarhi and Bori wildlife sanctuaries set up in 1981. This Indian tourist place is extremely rugged jungle consisting of sandstone peaks, ravines, narrow gorges and dense forest. Its 300 to 1,352 metres above the sea level has Dhoopgarh peak at highest 1,350 metres. The closet town is Pachmarhi that is another wonderful location for holidays. Closest railway station is Piparia at 55 kilometres.


Travel Guide

This wonderland is very rich in biodiversity and you can find animals including leopard, sambar, Indian muntjac, chital, nilgai, Chinkara, four-horned antelope, wild boar, bear, fox, porcupine, black buck, flying squirrel, Indian giant squirrel and mouse deer. Peafowl and Hornbills are common birds found at this national park. There was a time when the place was known as home for dacoity. However, today the place is famous as one of the biggest home of tiger.


Best Time to Visit

Correct time to visit this jungle is from October to April. As per forest department the timing for jungle safari is 6:30 AM to 11 AM. Slots are available for evening as well like 15:30 to 17:00. They have package for full day as well but it is for few extra hours. If you want to spend more time in jungle you can go for full day package that starts at 6:30 AM to 5 PM. Park is closed from June 16 to 30th September so make plan according to plans of forest administration. It is open for rest of the months so you can plan trip accordingly to location. This place came into light by British Officer J. Forsyth in 1857 when he was in search of greatest freedom fighter Tantya Tope. He accidently reached the Satpura find it suitable for military base.


Denwa River

A lifeline river of Satpura jungle originates from south-east part of Hoshangabad region and flows from east to west direction. It joins the Tawa river at Rainpur. However, the location of Denwa river is at 22.74 with Longitude of 77.71 meters. Tawa dam has been structured on this river. It offers number of activities such as boating and you can enjoy the scenic exquisiteness of National Park with bird-watching. Be careful while boating as there are many marsh crocodiles in the river.



This green destination is every time visit place though winter could be little problem here. Temperature in January goes to around 1 degree Celsius, though its best to visit from March to April. You can also visit between September to December as the climate becomes pleasant and temperature is manageable as well.


How to reach Satpura National Park?

The capital city Bhopal is just 170 km away from Satpura. Other nearest big cities to reach the destination are Jabalpur (230 km), Indore (380 km), Nagpur (340 km), Pachmarhi (90 km), and Sanchi (230 km).

By Air: To reach the destination nearest airport is Bhopal. It is properly connected to Delhi and Mumbai city.

By Train: You can also avail trains for Itarsi, Pipariya, Sohagpur and Hoshangabad to reach Satpura. As the jungle is spread in large area there are 3 main entrance points. First entrance is from Pachmarhi, 2nd is from Madhai and 3rd is from Tawa. If you are planning from Tawa you can stay at Tawa resort for further journey. Off-road cars are good for this jungle ride as many areas towards our destination are muddy roads.

By Road: This Indian tourist place can be reached by road from or via Bhopal and Jabalpur city. Road conditions are quire comfortable but suggested not to drive in rainy season.