Sitlakhet – Wonderland Of Uttaranchal

I am wondered that we have such beautiful places in India. My fresh tour to Sitlakhet was amazing. This is the quite place for vacation spread in small area. Basically, it is a small village having green surroundings. The Forest Rest House is the best accommodation available in this town. However, some hotels and lodgings are also available but you might face difficulty to get room in peak season. State government always tried to restrict the visitors at this place because it is the most beautiful and charming location of Uttaranchal.  The view from corridor or the balcony of the rest house is breath-taking. The astonishing snow range visible from the room is different experience.


Sitlakhet is quaint Indian tourist place away from the hustle cities. This town comes under Almora district with less population. It is one of the secret tourist places of India and very fewer people reach here, though it is the real beauty of the nature. Ranikhet is only 24 km away from the spot so if you feel to spend more time in Uttaranchal you can visit Ranikhet too. Our destination is at 1900 meters altitude from the sea level located at Syahi Devi hills.


Attraction of Sitlakhet

Sun-kissed hills and rich flora-fauna with cool breeze environment are best things to do in the town.


Syahi Devi Temple

Syahi Devi temple is the key attraction of the place at 3 km distance from Almora. However, the forest walks and jungle safari is also few activities you can do in this town. You can also do camping at this place. Situated at 4 km from central part of town.


Jhula Devi Temple

The ancient temple dating back to 8th century is located at Sitlakhet. This is the quiet and sheltered environment at 7 km from the town. This is the temple of Goddess Durga built to protect town from the wild animals.


Chaubatia Orchard

The Orchard at 10 km distance is next place at 1800 mts altitude from the sea level. It is known as garden of delicious peaches, apricots, plums and apples.


Natural spring

The natural spring at Almora town was initiated 70 years ago. It is in the middle of garden and surrounded with greenery.


Best period to reach Sitlakhet is from May to October and you should spend 1 day at least in the town. The peaks covered with snow are easily visible from throughout the city.


How to reach Sitlakhet?

Uttaranchal is beautiful state of India linked properly through road. Our town is also linked to all big cities through road. However, rail and airport are also mode of transport to reach the town. Nearest big railway station is Kathgodam at 110 km and closest airport is Pantnagar at 147 km.