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Varkala – Beach City of Kearla

Indian tourist place Varkala is becoming popular since few years. This coastal town of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala is having ample of locations where tourist can visit. Varkala is the city located at only 50 km distance in north-west direction of Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram), though the south-west area is boarded with Kollam city at only distance of 37 […]

Kumarakom / Calicut – Green City of Kerala

Indian tourist place Kumarakom is also known as Calicut. The other name of the city is Kozhikode, though mostly people recognized the place with Calicut name. Kozhikode is the Malabar shore of Kerala. Earlier the town was used for trading in southern India. Sea route to Kumarakom from Eruope nations was discovered by famous explorer […]

Porbandar – Birth Place of Mahatma Gandhi

Porbandar is the coastal area of Gujarat, India. The whole world recognizes this place as the birth location of Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi). As per Hindu legends Sudama the friend of God Krishna was also born in Porbandar. Because of many big personalities born in this city it becomes the valuable part of India. In early […]

Konark – Holy Town of Odisha

Konark is the small town of¬†Orissa¬†known for oldest shrines. However, beach and dance festival of Konark are famous in the world. Konark (assumed name Arka Tirtha) made from the combination of two words Kona and Arka. Meaning of Konark is sun around the offender. People reach globally to attend the annual festival of dance. Classical […]