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Udayagiri – Amazing Destination of India

Udayagiri is our next Indian tourist place popular as Mandal of Nellore region, Andhra Pradesh born in 14th century. Earlier the city was capital of Langula Gajapati Kingdom from Orissa. However, Krishna Deva Raya the ruler of Vijayanagara captured the city under Andhra Pradesh in 1512. Here the fort was constructed by Ruler Langula Gajapati. […]

Jambughoda – Wild Park of Gujarat

India and its destinations are always special. This is the reason why abroad voyagers are regularly visiting the different places of India. Today we are going to discuss about Jambughoda a well-known tourist place of India. Jambughoda is the place of jungle means it’s a spot famous for forest life. Basically it’s a National park […]

Masinagudi – Wildlife Park of Tamil Nadu

As there are countless places to visit in India, today we are going to discuss about the town that is having one of the best national park of India. This Wildlife Sanctuary is house of Tiger. We all know that wildlife parks are full of greenery and thick forest, though jungle of Masinagudi is covered […]

Bandipur – The National Park of Karnataka

Wildlife is always excited and especially for those who are nature lovers. Today we are going to discuss about one of the favorite national parks of India known as BNP (Bandipur National Park). This beautiful natural spot of Karnataka state was established in 1974. The reason for founding this park was to give protection to […]