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Gujarat – Beautiful State of India

  Gujarat is world-famous state of India serving various tourist places of India to global tourists. The land area of Gujarat is 196,030 kms and its coastline is 1,600 km. The major part lies in Kathiawar cape where the gross population is more than 60 million. Rajasthan is positioned in the north border and Maharashtra […]

Ahmedabad – First World Heritage City of India

Ahmedabad is the leading metropolis of Gujarat. Ahmedabad was the capital of Gujarat and the judicial capital too because Gujarat HC (High Court) is in Ahmedabad as well. Experts call this city as fiscal capital of the state. This fifth biggest metropolitan region of India is having a populace of around 6.4 million. “Ahmedabad is […]

Dwarkadhish – Almost Drowned City of Gujarat

“Dwarka” the Krishna Nagri is world-famous as it is the location of the god. Dwarkadhish is the holy place of Hindu religion and is linked with Lord Krishna’s existence. This amazing city is situated on the western side of Gujarat. The temple is the huge ornate holy place with most striking five story construction of […]

Surat – Trade Center of Gujarat

One of the biggest City Surat is popular for tourism as well as commercial activities. Earlier the city was recognized as Suryapur. Presently this metropolis is developing rapidly in every sector particularly in textile trade. Surat is renowned city of Gujarat State, India. As per survey this conurbation is the 3rd cleanest city of India […]