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Tag: Island

Lakshadweep – An Island of India

Lakshadweep is turned as popular Indian tourist place. It is a island formerly identified as the Minicoy, Laccadive, and Amindivi Islands. Lakshadweep is situated next to Kerala the South West state of India. This island is covering the land area of just 32 square kilometers, and its lagoon area is approximately 4,200 square kilometers only. […]

Kannur – Beach City of Kerala

Our next tourist destination is Kannur also recognized as Cannanore located in Kerala State, India. Kannur is the spot placed at 518 kms distance in north direction of capital Trivandrum. At the time of British rule, Kannur city was identified as Cannanore (the old name of city). Kannur is placed on 6th place in list […]