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Rupnagar / Ropar – Historical Destination of Punjab

Rupnagar (Also known as Ropar or Rupar), is the beautiful historical holy city of Rupnagar region, Punjab. Rupnagar is recently created 5th Divisional Headquarters comprising Mohali and adjoining districts. Ropar is listed in bigger sites belonging to the Indus Valley Civilization. The city is only 50 km distant from Chandigarh. North is bordered by Himachal […]

Amritsar – Holy Destination of Punjab

Amritsar is a well-known city of the northern area of India. It is also the administrative headquarters of Punjab State, India. According to population survey done earlier the population of this city is more than 1,500,000. It is the small city located at 217 km distant from Chandigarh and 32 km distant from Lahore, Pakistan. […]

Punjab – Rich Agricultural State of India

“Punjab” a well-known state of India is having countless tourist destinations. It is the wealthiest state of nation, which has high rank for having been leading holiday spots in north India. “Punjab” is the word which is made of two Persian words. One is ‘panj’ which means five and other word is ‘ab’ which means […]

Chandigarh – Union Territory of India

Chandigarh is the popular city and the union territory of India. This two states capital is popular as planned city of India. It serves the Haryana and Punjab as capital. Evaluating the name Chandigarh it means “The Fort of Chandi.” Chandi is the Hindu goddess, and city is named after his ancient temple. The beautiful […]