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Rampur – Historical City of Uttar Pradesh

Rampur is the city situated closer to Indo-Nepal border. You have to reach Rohilkhand district of Uttar Pradesh to reach the city. This article is about the historical city of India popular for palace, national library and many other monuments. Basically, Rampur is the industrial state of India, but there are several tourist attractions that […]

Ghazipur – Historical City of Uttar Pradesh

I love to travel different places and that is the reason why search for secret, known and unknown locations so that my journey will become perfect. My today’s target is Ghazipur that is also spelled as Ghazeepore, Ghazipour and Gauspur. Ghazipur is also a headquarters of big rich agricultural state Utter Pradesh, India.  As per […]

Fatehpur Sikri – Historical Place of Uttar Pradesh

Every destination is having special features, though selection of tourist place is depend on interest of visitors. Fatehpur is listed in 71 regions of UP (Uttar Pradesh), India. It is one of my favourite Indian tourist places spread in 4,152 km² area. The average population of Fatehpur district is more than 2,500,000 according to 2001 […]