Tanjore – Family Destination of Tamil Nadu

We are next going to discuss about Indian tourist place Thanjavur which is also recognized as Tanjore. This small populace town of Tamil Nadu, India is well-known for temples. However, the town got name after Tanjan the big asura of Hindu myths. Thanjavur was ruled by Thanjavur Marathas, Pandyas, Madurai Nayaks, Vijayanagar Empire, Thanjavur Nayaks and British Rulers. Hence the place is having valuable history till independent of India.

Tanjore is renowned for art and structural design in South Indian style. World famous Indian Chola shrines are Heritage monuments declared by UNESCO and they are located near the Thanjavur town. Brahadeshwara Temple is best example of Chola shrines located central part of town. Tanjore painting is also populace as the style of painting is unique than others. Experts distinguish the city as Rice bowl of TN (Tamil Nadu).

Town became admired in ruling period of Chola rulers in 11th to 14th centuries. As per myths Tanjan was the asura ruler killed by God Vishnu, though at his last time Tanjan requested Lord Vishnu to name the town after him.


Attraction in Tanjore:

Vijayanagar Fort:

first and must visit place of Tanjore situated only 2 km away from Brahadeshwara shrine. Few areas of Vijayanagar fort was built by Nayak rulers and some by Marathas. Voyagers must visit Sangeetha Mahal, Tanjore Palace, Saraswathi Library and art gallery located inside the Vijayanagar Fort.

Shiva Ganga Garden:

2nd place of tourist list is Shiva Ganga Garden which is the park situated close to Tanjore palace. Properly managed garden having best flowers collection and diverse kinds of birds houses.

Alangudi Temple:

3rd place for voyagers is Alangudi temple devoted to God Guru. At this juncture God Shiva addicted poison Alavisham came after Sagar Manthan. As he intake the poison the place was named as Alangudi.

Brahadeshwara Temple:

4th visitor end is Brahadeshwara temple made by ruler Raja Chola built. Amazing construction of shrine in Indian structural design makes Brahadeshwara Shrine special destination.

Chandra Bagawan Temple:

5th spot is Chandra Bagawan shrine also known as moon temple positioned in central Thanjavur town area. Distance is 25 km in north direction of Thanjavur town.

Lord Murugan Temple:

6th place positioned at 5 km gap in west way of Kumbakonam. The river Cauvery flows from this area. Local transport is accessible to attain Lord Murugan Temple.


Few more voyager spots of Tanjore are Sani Bhagawan Temple, Schwartz Church, Thirumananjeri Temple, Thirunageshwaram Temple, Thirunallar Temple, Thiruvanajozhi Temple, and Vellai Puliar Temple.


How to reach Tanjore?

By Rail: nearby railway hub is Trichy Junction located at 58 km gap from Thanjavur. Station comes under Trivandrum region and having linked train from Chennai and some more routes. Train from Madurai is available for Thanjavur.

By Air: international airport Trichy is only 58 km away from town Thanjavur. Abroad visitors can plan trip according to flight available for Trichy. Regular domestic flight service from Chennai, Bangalore and few other parts of India is available.

By Road: A Tamil Nadu roadway’s is having buses for Thanjavur from other cities of India. Madurai is major hub from where travelers can get lots of buses for Thanjavur. Private and state buses from Trivandrum, Madurai, Kanyakumari, Bangalore and Chennai are available for Tanjore.