Thenmala – Dam City of Kerala

India the mixture of various cultures is having ample of places to visit. Describing about India the great country is not easy task. Every state here is having different culture and each culture is having different type of hospitality. I am not sure how to present the beautiful destination Thenmala to my readers, but its amazing spot. However, the place is awesome. I am talking about a tourist place located closer to Punalur town of Kollam region in beautiful state Kerala. 

Thenmala is our target today and it is the 1st planned eco-tourism city of India. Various parts of this town are available for my readers so that they also can judge if the place is breathtaking or just a onetime visit. Among most areas of Thenmala the dam is one special spot built across river Kallada. The word Thenmala is derived from Tamil language which means South Mountain.

If you are fan of regional movies then you might have seen this place in many of the Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu movies. Hanging bridge is one good example and seen in countless movies in India. Thenmala is not a proper hill station but it is fully covered with dense forest. You have to be very careful while moving in jungle area. Snakes are commonly seen in the part of town so keep your eyes open all time.

Thenmala draw attention of foreign and local travelers with amazing attractions. Some key facts of town are boating on the lake, trekking, a rope bridge, mountaineering, and musical fountain and biking.

Attraction of Thenmala:

Palaruvi Waterfall:

A Waterfall located near to Thenmala town drops from an altitude of 300 ft. The meaning of word Palaruvi is flow of milk. It is all time favorite destinations for visitor and best time to reach this waterfall is from June and January. You have to pay some fee to enter the waterfall area as it is managed by local administration of forest department though fee is nominal but it is kind of entry gate pass you have to get.

Thenmala dam:

Next spot is Thenmala Dam considered as largest reservoirs. Dam is having picnic spots and the gardens are beautifully maintained. Construction of dam is done under the KITCD (Kallada Irrigation and Tree Crop Development) Project.

Musical Dancing Fountain:

One more attraction of Thenmala famous as Musical Fountain. Best part of this fountain is it is properly synced with rhythmic ballet and music system is beautiful as well. You must not miss this musical dancing fountain once you reach Thenmala.

Suspension Bridge:

A Bridge built with good length of 400 ft in Punalur Town is next place to visit. It was built across the river Kallada somewhere in 1877 under the direction of Scotland Prince Mr. Henry.

Butterfly Safari Park:

Beautifully maintained man-made garden with courteous staff. However, you might not see much butterflies all time but the garden staff is very helpful regarding providing information of caterpillars, species, dif and many more. Rainy season is best period to reach this garden as you will find greenery everywhere and you will get a chance to view more species.

Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary:

This tropical evergreen jungle is home of many animals such as elephants, bisons, leopards, sambar, Lion-tailed macaques, wild boar, langurs, deer and many more. In this sanctuary you will find countless thick trees of diverse types. Some plants of SWS are used for medical purpose as well.


A village located under Thenmala region popular for Tropical Botanic Garden. The village is also famous for its best forest training school.

There are many other places you can visit in Thenmala like Nakshatravanam, Aryankavu Shastha shrine, Kulathupuzha Temple, etc. Each place is unique and having beautiful structure. You are definitely going to enjoy Thenmala and it will be your memorable journey for sure.

How To Reach Thenmala?

By Road and Rail: This town is easily approachable from Trivandrum as well as Punalur through road. Kollam railway station is closest big station connected with many big cities of India. You can also get the train for Shencottah railway station that is nearest hub too. Kollam is having private taxi and bus service that can be used to reach Thenmala.

By Air: Biggest airport for Thenmala is Thiruvananthpuram at 76 km distance. Regular flights are available for Thiruvananthpuram from various cities of India.