Udhampur – Hill Station of Jammu Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir State. This tiny town is famous attraction of Jammu and Kashmir as there are loads of places for voyagers. Even the path towards Udhampur is full of natural beauty and green valleys. India’s biggest and religious shrine Vaishno Devi temple is in same region. People from all over the world are attaining to Vaishno Devi shrine placed on the top of mountain surrounded with deep valleys and greenery everywhere. To reach shrine voyagers have to cover distance of 14 km from Katra city which is one more tourist place in Jammu.

Cave temple is another popular spot in Udhampur placed in Shivkhori. Udhampur is the region having amazing locations for travelers. However, covering the Udhampur region in one or two days is not possible hence tourist must plan the trip for at least two weeks for the district. Cave temple of Shivkhori is devoted to God Shiva.

Patnitop is one best example of places in Udhampur region. Patnitop is the hill station admired for beauty in surrounding areas. Many other locations like Baba Dhansar, Reasi, Bhimgarh Fort and Kalika Temple are few other best locations close to Udhampur.

Udhampur district is positioned in the Shiwalik ranges of great Himalayas. Most are of Udhampur is hilly covered with dense forest and snow. During winter people might get the shower of snow in town.


Attraction in Udhampur:

Vaishno Devi:

The more popular holy place for Hindu’s is first tourist attraction in Udhampur region. Hindu religion people also recognize the Vaishno Devi as Mata Rani or Vaishnavi. Reaching Vaishno Devi is possible from Katra as journey of high hill of 14 km starts from Katra to Vaishno Devi. Roughly 8 million people reach the temple to take blessing of goddess every year. Vaishno Devi is spotted on 2nd place in world for pilgrims as first position is occupied by Tirupati (Tirumala Venkateswara) Temple which is another best religious place of India.



Another spot for voyagers is Shivkhori popular for cave temple of Lord Shiva. This temple is placed in Reasi region of Jammu. Countless shrines such as Siad Baba, Vaishno Devi, Merhada Mata, Bhim garh Fort, Baba Dhansar are also in Reasi region. Shivkhori is located among the mounts placed at good distance of 140 km from Jammu. From Udhampur Shivkhori is 120 km away and from Katra its 80 km.



World-famous hill station Patnitop is next tourist attraction in Udhampur. NH (National Highway) 1A straight away links the Patnitop to Jammu with only distance of 112 km. This NH road connects Srinagar to Udhampur and other cities of India. Chenab River flows from the nearby area of Patnitop so travelers can enjoy loads of locations in Patnitop as well.



The town known as Reasi is our next tourist spot located close to River Chenab. Name Reasi is derived from ancient word RASYAL. Earlier town was recognized as Bhimgarh state founded by Bhim Dev.


Baba Dhansar:

One religious place of Udhampur is Baba Dhansar placed in the Karua Pond close to Karua Village. However, the place is only 17 kms away from Reasi but road is little difficult as most of the area is full of hills. As per Hindu myth Lord Shiva tell the story of Immortality to Goddess Parvati in Amarnath. Lord Shiva left his reptile king Shesh Nag at religious place Anantnag, though the Nag becomes human being and named as Vasudev. Vasudev gave birth to a son named as Dhansar who moved to Karua and become saint.


Bhimgarh Fort:

People love historical places can visit Bhimgarh to watch fort identified as Reasi Fort. Bhimgarh Fort is located on hills at only distance of 64 km from Jammu. Fort is having values as it was restructured by Gulab Singh in 1817, though prior to period fort was constructed by Maharaj Rishipal Rana.


Kalika Temple:

Also known as Maha Kali Temple is next holy place of Udhampur located close to Reasi. Sources say Kalika Mata came in reverie of Pandit Jagat Ram around 300 years ago. Mata indicated her existence in form of Pindi deceit underground of hill. After the excavation of hill a small Pindi (stone) was found. Later Jagat Ram constructed the temple of Maha Kali Mata on such place and started care taking the temple.

Many more spots like Mansar Lake, Suruinsar Lake, Sanasar, Nathatop and Pancheri are few more impressive spots of Udhampur where travelers can reach. Overall the town is having high values for religious people but the town is fully covered with natural beauties hence anybody can attain to spot to enjoy the nature.


How to reach Udhampur?

By Road: roads of Udhampur are properly linked to many cities and NH (National Highway) 1A is one link Srinagar to Udhampur city. State government is increasing the lane from two to four for smooth moving of voyagers to Udhampur. Buses from Jammu and Kashmir are easily available for Udhampur.

By Rail: Kashmir is the closest railway station for Udhampur, though Jammu is biggest station as Jammu is directly connected to many major cities of India. Trains for Jammu from Delhi and Agra are easily available in large amount hence travelers can easily get the train for destination.

By Air: Jammu is having international airport and travelers can easily reach to Jammu, however flights from abroad are limited so people can refer the Delhi International Airport which is linked to almost every nation.